Renault, the only carmaker in the world to offer a complete range of affordable electric vehicles beginning in 2011, will launch Europe’s first iAd on Thursday, December 2 with a campaign for Renault Twizy, its new 100% electric tandem-style city car.

iAd is Apple’s revolutionary new mobile advertising network, reaching millions of iPhone and iPod touch users right in their favorite apps.

Renault Twizy, an all-new 100% electric tandem vehicle with four wheels and a steering wheel, is the focus of the first iAd campaign to be launched in Europe. A revolutionary concept targeting young “early adopter” urbanites, Twizy will be launched one year from now.

By launching Twizy’s mobile marketing with iAd, Renault is acknowledging Apple users as being at the forefront of mobility.  Without having to exit the app they’re using, iPhone and iPod touch users can explore — and explode — the urban myths about electric vehicles.

The iAd has many engaging features including calculating how much a Twizy can charge up while doing activities from getting a haircut to working out, shaking your iPhone or iPod touch to check out various Twizy designs, even pre-reserving a vehicle of your own.

By being the first iAd campaign launch in Europe, Renault is furthering its mobile strategy to develop marketing, communication and service solutions with leading names in their industries.