Renault set to boost sales volumes Johannesburg Car Shows


Renault set to boost sales volumes with new value-oriented compact yet roomy Sandero hatchback

Renault Sandero

  • Previewed to SA public for the first time at Johannesburg International Motorshow
  • The Renault Sandero delivers a combination of class-leading interior dimensions, a robust design, engaging dynamics and arresting looks all for a tantalising retail price
  • Thanks to the Renault Nissan Alliance, the Sandero will be locally-produced in Nissan’s production facility in Rosslyn, further entrenching the Renault’s commitment to the South African market
  • After hitting South America, Europe and Maghreb, the Sandero will be commercialized in South Africa early 2009

As the global financial turmoil deepens Renault, as part of their new product offensive, are providing real solutions to this crisis by also focussing on value-oriented products.
Renault South Africa is pleased to introduce their latest modern, stylish, and brimming-with-character model to the local market. The South African-built Renault Sandero 5-door hatchback is a key to sustainability amid the cloud of uncertainty in the domestic market, and is poised to deliver superior quality, affordability and a sustained value proposition for the life of the car through competitive parts-basket pricing.

This markedly roomy hatchback nevertheless remains truly très chic from the outside, representing an intriguing blend of aesthetics all in one package. Renault Sandero stands out as a modern hatchback, with appealing looks that convey both dynamism and robustness.

The front features modern, expressive headlamps and a grille and bumper that blend harmoniously with the bodywork. Its lateral lines form an “upturned wave” and underpin the impression of solidity, thanks notably to the broad side protective strips. The rear styling reinforces the sense of a generously proportioned, spacious and well-built vehicle. The notions of robustness and dynamism were widely acclaimed during customer tests.

This quest to appeal to potential customers and showcase quality is carried over to the interior design of the car. The new dashboard is both modern and functional, while different colours and surface finishes have been combined in several areas. The design of the door panels contributes to the cabin’s modern feel, thanks to the smart handles and decorative trim strips. The Renault Sandero is available with three dashboard trims and co-ordinated upholsteries. Particular attention was paid to produce an uncluttered, practical driving environment, with easy-to-read instruments and user-friendly controls.

Platform and power plants
Sandero joins the B0-platform family as its fifth member, following on the success of its predecessors worldwide. At a retail entry price point akin to much smaller rivals, Sandero’s 4.02m-length and generous 320 litre of luggage space will pleasantly surprise one. The vehicle’s definitive 878mm of headroom in the rear of the vehicle will leave a noticeable gap between even the tallest person’s head and the roof-lining, while front-seat occupants can stretch out comfortably, thanks to a substantial 1400mm of shoulder room.

The engine line-up includes a choice of two 8-valve petrol power-plants (1.4 and 1.6), which have already proven their worth in numerous other vehicles in the Renault family. The 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines are a perfect match for the cost, robustness and ease of maintenance values championed by the B0 platform, and both engines are renowned for the availability of high torque at low engine speeds, as well as across a broad rev-band.

The 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre engines deliver 55kW and 64kW at 5,500rpm respectively, with torque of 112Nm and 128Nm at 3,000rpm. Both powerplants are mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. The 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre versions return combined cycle fuel consumption of 7.0 litres/100km and 7.2 litres/100km respectively
Both engines are compliant with Euro III emissions standards, and represent a perfect balance between performance and fuel efficiency.

Unrivalled quality
Durable and value-targeted spare parts prices of this vehicle are as equally beneficial as its affordable showroom price tag. The Sandero, like all vehicles from the B0 platform, has undergone a rigorous test regime in a wide variety of extreme conditions, and in the process proven itself all-but unbreakable.

Local production
With local production of the Sandero imminent at the Rosslyn plant, Renault South Africa further entrenches its firm commitment to the South African market. Investing in and empowering the local market is part of the company’s market model, and the French manufacturer believes that the Sandero represents a promising international opportunity for Renault.

Xavier Gobille, Managing Director of Renault South Africa, is enthusiastic about the opportunities presented by this model. “The sales volume we expect from this budget-beating vehicle will drive strong growth for Renault in South Africa, by catering for the domestic market and capitalising on export opportunities.”

Positive sales outlook
Renault has identified strong growth prospects in this segment, and is aggressively and actively chasing a substantial portion of this crucial market segment. And with bold and ultimately practical vehicles such as the Sandero, Renault’s future sales outlook is extremely positive.

The Sandero will be an attractive proposition for aspiring but pragmatic younger buyers, and it will likely appeal to customers looking for a stylish hatchback that is roomy and affordable, both to buy and run. The combination of aesthetic appeal and lower total cost of ownership is certain to position and entrench Sandero as a class act, which competitors in this segment will find difficult if not impossible to emulate.