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Renault Sales Results: 1st Half Of 2022


Renault Sales Results: 1st Half Of 2022

Sustainability: in a context of soaring energy prices and environmental challenges, Renault is strengthening its leading position on electrified markets in Europe through an attractive line-up and the customer relevant

Renault Sales Results

Sustainability: in a context of soaring energy prices and environmental challenges, Renault is strengthening its leading position on electrified markets in Europe through an attractive line-up and the customer relevant technological choices.
In line with its ambitions to achieve the greenest mix in the European market by 2025, with more than 65% of electric and electrified vehicles in the sales mix, Renault is making strong progress on the electrified market. The E-Tech (EV and Hybrid powertrains) range represents 36% of Renault passenger cars sales in Europe in first half of 2022, compared with 26% in H1-2021; when the market average is still below 30%.

In the context of rising fuel prices and component shortages, Renault is targeting its offer at vehicles that best meet customer needs: five long-range EV models (ZOE, Twingo E-Tech electric, Megane E-Tech electric, Kangoo Van E-Tech electric, Master Van E-Tech electric) and four low-consumption core full hybrid (HEV) models (Clio, Captur, Arkana and the All-new Austral with best-in-class fuel economy below 4.5 litres per 100 km from a new E-Tech full hybrid powertrain with 200hp – running homologation figures).

All-new Megane E-Tech electric completes our EV offer and demonstrates a strong commercial start. The first Renault Megane E-Tech electric were delivered to customers in France in May 2022. The commercial launch is underway across Europe. Orders have reached over 20,000 units with most sales on the high versions with 450km range and Open RLink, powered by Google®.

Full hybrid technology (HEV) is booming at 59,000 units, +87% vs. H1-2021. This technology is successfully implemented on Renault’s core models with a mix of 22% on Clio, 25% on Captur, 59% on Arkana sales and is expected to be the core version of the All-new Austral.

High value-added business: Renault benefits from its commercial policy with a significant performance increase on retail channels and C-segment models.
In H1-2022, the retail mix rose by +13 points (vs 1st half of 2021) to reach 53% (G5 country scope). The retail market share also improved to 6.7% (+0.8pt vs H1-2021), with volume growth +5% in a retail market down -8%.

The C-segment reconquest runs successfully: Renault sales are growing by 12% with more than 95,000 registrations, gaining market share. The success of Renault Arkana continues, with already more than 40,000 sales in the 1st half 2022. E-Tech versions (HEV) are the most demanded ones (59% of mix).

To strengthen its position on the large and growing C-SUV market, Renault opened pre-orders for the All-new Austral. The commercial launch is scheduled for the 2nd semester 2022 in Europe.

Worldwide sales reached 716,720 units (-16.5% vs. H1-2021) and a market share of 4.0% (-0.5pt vs. H1-2021, TIV and sales excluding China, North America and Russia). In Europe, Renault reached a market share of 6.4% (-0.6pt vs. H1-2021) at 414,515 units.

Outside Europe, Renault asserts its position on key markets.
In H1-2022, the sales outside Europe represent 42.2% (excluding Russia).

In Turkey, which is becoming our 3rd market, sales increased by +20% vs. H1-2021, and market share increased by +3.4pt over the same period with the success of Clio.  Renault is the leading brand on the Turkish PC market.

Our green offensive expends worldwide: in Latin America, Renault has successfully launched the pre-order of Kwid E-Tech. The delivery will start in early September.

Renault brand Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President Fabrice Cambolive concludes:

 ‘Electrified markets are booming in Europe and Renault is well placed to serve customers with products that suit them. Our E-Tech range based on our full electric and full hybrid HEV products is in line with customers aspirations to drive vehicles offering low running costs and sustainable mobility. In the second half of the year, we will accelerate the electrification of our range with the launches of the All-new Megane E-Tech electric, the Kangoo E-Tech electric and the All-new Austral.” 


    YTD end of June*  
  2022 2021 % variation
PC 538,924 634,607 -15.1
LCV 152,511 197,119 -22.6
PC + LCV 691,735 831,726 -16.9
PC 25,285 26,908 -6.0
PC 564,209 661,515 -14.7
LCV 152,511 197,119 -22.6
PC + LCV 716,720 858,634 -16.5
* Perimeter = w/o Russia      


Ranking Markets Volumes PC+LCV M/S  
    (units) (in %)  
1 FRANCE 175,378 18.4  
2 BRAZIL 53,153 6.2  
3 TURKEY 49,330 13.8  
4 GERMANY 47,661 3.5  
5 INDIA 45,126 2.1  
6 ITALY 36,015 4.7  
8 SOUTH KOREA 26,230 3.3  
9 COLOMBIA 22,773 20.6  
10 UNITED KINGDOM 20,522 2.2  
11 ARGENTINA 20,408 10.4  
12 BELGIUM+LUXEMBOURG 17,351 6.9  
13 POLAND 14,796 6.1  
14 MEXICO 14,290 2.8  
15 SOUTH AFRICA+NAMIBIA 14,068 5.8  
* Perimeter = Renault + RKM and PC+LCV      
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Published : Tuesday July 12, 2022

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