Renault Paris Motor Show: Twizy beats the weather


In a joint presentation at the Paris Motor Show media days and at the Renault Z.E. Centre in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, Renault has provided an early glimpse of a new closure system for the upper part of Twizy’s doors.

Paris Motor Show Renault

  • A smart, high-quality accessory,
  • Fast and easy to fit at home,
  • Makes Twizy even more versatile than ever.

With the winter months fast approaching, existing owners of Twizy and future buyers of the model will soon be able to benefit from total protection of the vehicle’s cabin in poor weather thanks to an ingenious yet simple system.

SIMPLE because no tools are necessary to fit or remove it as required. It only takes five minutes to fit the first time and no bodywork modification in the process.

INGENIOUS because it comprises two parts:
– A rigid metal frame which attaches to the door, – Plus a flexible, transparent ‘window’ which fastens to the frame by means of a zip to provide occupants with added protection in poor weather.

Renault Twizy

 A sliding opening in the window provides access to the door handle and enables the transparent panel to the opened or closed as a function of the outside temperature. Two slits in the panel – one at the front and the other at the rear – ensure a sufficient flow of air to prevent misting up of the vehicle’s interior.

As part of Renault’s ongoing attention to quality, the system has been extensively tested to ensure its resistance to UV light, corrosion and cold temperatures.

This new accessory will be available for sale across the Renault network from the end of October at a tax-paid price of €349 in France. Its price in other Twizy’s European markets will be confirmed at a later date.