GT Line adds zest to exclusive open-top motoring

  • Biggest panoramic glass roof in segment
  • Strengthened chassis tuned for high ride comfort and handling levels
  • Sporty GT Line accoutrements included as standard
  • Superb performance and efficiency from 1.4 TCe engine
  • Optimal active and passive safety
  • Sometimes a coupé, always a cabriolet

Renault Megan CC GT

The Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet (CC) introduces an evocative sense of style and elegance to the Mégane range, matched to the exclusive allure of coupé comfort or open-top opulence.

Its head-turning looks, generous specification level and extensive under-the-skin refinements make it a true trend-setter in the lifestyle-oriented coupé-cabriolet sector. In short, the Mégane CC combines true driving pleasure with the art of living.

In addition, the sleek two-door truly offers the best of both worlds, linking the comfort and convenience of a coupé to the abundant pleasure of open-top driving. It’s the glamorous and emotive choice for active and sophisticated individuals.

Renault Megan CC GT Inside View

The GT Line moniker adds a further, sportier touch to the CC’s considerable talents, with a series of exclusive exterior and interior appointments to underline its status as the most aspirational member of the Renault Mégane range.


Styled to seduce, the Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet’s graceful lines and glossy black-tinted glass roof exude elegance style. Thanks to its 4 485 mm length and 2 609 mm wheelbase, the coupé-cabriolet’s silhouette is both sleek and chic.

Renault Megan CC GT Logo

The front end sports the Mégane family’s hallmark sweeping feature line across the bonnet, while the redesigned, sculpted boot lid incorporates the upper part of the new rear light clusters. The two LED tail light patterns create a smart, instantly recognisable rear lighting signature for this glamorous model.

The GT Line treatment adds a number of further, distinctive features. A bold new bumper design that features a reshaped central air intake, with an RS-style gloss black centre section that supports the number plate.

At the rear, the colour-coded lower section of the bumper incorporates a contrasting aerodynamic diffuser. The windscreen frame and cabin surround are picked out in Dark Metal instead of the traditional satin-finish chrome, imparting a distinctly sporting edge.

Other distinguishing features include exterior mirrors and uniquely styled 17-inch alloy wheels, both executed in a Dark Metal finish.

Renault Megan CC GT Pedals

Best of both worlds – standard folding glass roof
The new Mégane CC’s stand-out feature is the large folding glass roof. Widely acclaimed for the generous amount of light it allows into the cabin with the top up, as well as for the visibility it affords, this roof is standard equipment on the latest-generation car.

It’s the segment’s largest folding glass roof, with a total glazed area amounting to almost one square metre (0,47 m2 for the actual roof section, and 0,5 m2 for the rear window).

The glass roof acts as a symbolic link between the coupé and cabriolet functions. Even with the top raised, it floods the cabin with light, creating a genuine feeling of space and freedom so typical of an ‘open-air’ experience. With the roof stowed, the driver and passengers benefit from the unrivalled pleasure of top-down motoring.

Unique in this segment is the fixed glass wind deflector fitted as standard between the rear headrests to reduce wind noise and turbulence at up to 90 km/h with four occupants seated.

Renault Megan CC GT REAR

Alternatively, with just two on board, an additional mesh deflector screen can be clipped into place over the back seats to provide smooth, unruffled motoring enjoyment at all speeds. This too standard.

Refined luxury – advanced roof technology
The roof module comprises two glass panels that fold into a ‘V’ as the roof slides into the boot. The mechanisms for the boot lid and roof stowage functions, as well as the hydraulic system, are linked to an electronic control unit.

To optimise interior comfort, the tempered-glass roof is treated to filter sunlight with a coefficient of 35. A sunblind is incorporated in the rear cross beam to offer additional protection, while the heated rear window enhances the coupé-like functionality.

The opening and closing of the two-part roof is controlled by an electro-hydraulic mechanism. By holding down a button on the console, the roof is lowered in just 21 seconds, or raised in 22 sec – among the fastest times in this class.

The Mégane CC also incorporates a new feature, the ‘short drop’ function, which raises the windows several millimetres into the roof module and windscreen pillar seals to optimise protection against noise and water intrusion.

Renault Megan CC GT Sport Seats

The New Mégane CC boasts a stylish and luxuriously appointed cabin, with a strong emphasis on comfort and practicality. Occupant access is simple, with a position memory function returning the front seats to their original position once rear passengers are seated.

Front occupants enjoy a class-leading 1 466 mm of elbow room, while rear passengers benefit from an additional reclining backrest angle and an extra centimetre of knee room, compared with the previous generation Mégane CC. Leather upholstery is standard, and the driver’s seat is electrically adjustable for added convenience.

The driver’s environment carries over the attractive design and thoughtful practical enhancements that define the Mégane range. These include primary controls clustered around the steering wheel or on the centre console, a fully adjustable driver’s seat (with class-best 70 mm height adjustment) and a reach and height-adjustable steering wheel.

The luggage compartment is generously sized for the category, providing 417 dm3 in coupé configuration, and 211 dm3 with the roof stowed. At 590 mm, the sill height makes loading and unloading easy.

Additionally, the boot now features a motorised closing system for effortless locking, while the nine-litre glove box locks and unlocks at the same time as the doors to provide secure storage for personal items when the vehicle is parked with the roof open.

Exclusively available in range-topping GT Line guise, the extensively equipped Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet features a long list of high-tech features as standard equipment. Most of these are traditionally associated with the next segment up.

Notably, the Renault keyless card provides hands-free engine start, as well as hands-free locking of the doors and glovebox as the card-holder walks away from the car.

This is bolstered by an automatic parking brake, automatic dual-zone, three-mode climate control, and directional bi-Xenon headlamps. A combined digital/analogue instrument display, as well as an intuitive colour-coded cruise control/speed limiter interface are included, too.

Several other high-end features are shared with the current Mégane range, including Carminat TomTom integrated navigation with TomTom LIVE, which provides real-time traffic updates and routing.

Renault Megan CC GT TOP View

Additionally, the Mégane CC boasts the impressive fully-featured 3D Sound by Arkamys audio system. This specially designed system provides superior, spatialised sound reproduction and uses digital sound processing software incorporated in the radio.

It features eight loud speakers with a total power output of 140W, specifically selected for the Mégane CC to produce higher quality sound.

Superlative audio functionality and integration is ensured by means of Plug&Music connectivity, with a USB slot and mini-jack plug for connecting and controlling personal audio devices, along with Bluetooth cellphone and audio streaming capability.

The GT Line-specific treatment includes an ally pedal set, a white-faced rev counter with red indicator needle, and GT Line-branded floor mats. Unlike the GT Line hatchback and coupé models, the CC retains the standard seats in the interests of comfort and convenience.


The Mégane CC is based on the same technical specification as the other models in the Mégane family, but incorporates a number of specific features aimed at enhancing the pleasure associated with top-down driving – specifically in terms of efficiency and comfort.

The front suspension is based on a MacPherson-type arrangement with a new ‘horned’ subframe. This layout is engineered to deliver impeccable steering precision by restricting lateral movement of the engine subframe in relation to the body structure – a configuration three times more rigid than the previous-generation car.

A programmed-deflection flexible beam is employed at the rear, with a closed-section beam that is both lighter and more compact than a multi-arm solution for equivalent torsional stiffness.

The chassis has been tuned to ensure a high standard of ride comfort, while matching the specific weight distribution of the Coupé-Cabriolet. The 160 kg weight difference between the Mégane CC and the its hatchback sibling has led to the spring stiffness being increased front and rear.

Furthermore, the anti-roll bar is approximately 50 percent stiffer, the rear beam has been stiffened by around 25 percent, and the dampers have been uprated for first-class containment of body roll.

Ultimately, the ratio between spring stiffness and the car’s unsprung weight is equivalent to that of the Mégane hatchback, while the specific roll angle is a credible 0,41°/ms-2, compared with 0,48°/ms-2 in the case of the previous-generation Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet

To combat vibrations and ensure a level of torsional rigidity comparable with that of a coupé, the Mégane CC incorporates bespoke structural strengthening. This has enabled static and dynamic torsional stiffness to be improved by 80 percent and 30 percent respectively over the previous model.


The Mégane CC 1.4T Dynamique GT Line is available exclusively with the latest-generation 1.4 TCe (Turbo Control Efficiency) engine.

The 1,4-litre turbo engine links superior efficiency and fuel economy to high specific output and low operating and maintenance costs. It expresses the latest, high-tech approach to engine design, which favours smaller capacities, high efficiency and turbocharging to reduce emissions and consumption without compromising output and resultant performance.

In addition, the power unit has been optimised for high torque at low engine speeds, ensuring instant response with no lag, and a linear power delivery. Despite its relatively small 1 397 cc capacity, this exceptional turbocharged engine produces levels of power and torque more akin to those of a normally aspirated 1,8-litre powerplant.

It delivers 96 kW of power at 5 500 r/min, allied to 190 Nm of torque at a low 2 250 r/min. This ensures the performance and flexibility of significantly larger, normally-aspirated engines, but with commensurate benefits in terms of fuel consumption.

The continuously variable camshaft angle at the intake port also contributes to improved performance, while reducing fuel consumption. The powerplant has the added benefit of ranking among the best in class in terms of running and maintenance costs.

Oil and oil filter change intervals are every 30 000 km (or every two years), while the air filter and spark plugs need changing every 60 000 km (or every four years). The accessory drive belt only needs changing every 150 000 km (or every six years).

Linked to a six-speed manual transmission, the Mégane CC GT Line sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 10,7 sec, and has a top speed of 200 km/h. It achieves a combined-cycle consumption of just 7,3 l/100 km, while the CO2 emissions rating comes to 169 g/km.


The New Mégane CC benefits from Renault’s acclaimed expertise in the fields of active and passive safety. Developed for the unique demands of the Coupé-Cabriolet configuration, the body structure has been extensively reinforced, with comprehensive structural strengthening for improved torsional rigidity and impact protection.

In the case of a roll-over, occupants are protected by the survival cell, which is formed by the reinforced and extremely rigid A-post/windscreen pillar assembly at the front, along with roll-over hoops at the rear. Pyrotechnic roll-over hoops deploy automatically should an imminent roll-over be detected.

These system work in conjunction with the third-generation Renault System for Restraint and Protection (SRP3). It includes seat belt pre-tensioners, dual-volume adaptive front airbags, anti-submarining airbags in the front seat cushions, double side-impact crash sensors and seat-mounted dual-chamber lateral head/thorax/groin airbags.

The Mégane CC also comes with a comprehensive range of active driving aids, including ABS with electronic brake force distribution, emergency brake assist and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with understeer control.

This is complemented by front seatbelt warning lights, a tyre pressure monitoring system, directional bi-Xenon headlights, and automatic headlight and windscreen wiper activation. Isofix child seat anchorage points are fitted to the rear seats.


Mégane CC 1.4 T Dynamique GT Line  R359 900

A five-year/100 000 km Service Plan is included in the purchase price, along with Renault’s comprehensive five-year/150 000 km warranty. It’s supported by Renault Confiance, ensuring ultimate peace-of-mind motoring.