Working-vehicle functionality with leisure-vehicle comfort

  • Car-like design, comfort and ergonomics
  • Large loading capacity, ideally suited to all types of business use
  • Outstanding ride refinement and dynamic response
  • High standard of safety features
  • Economical and durable, with low maintenance costs

Renault Kangoo

Renault South Africa is returning to the light commercial vehicle sector with the new-generation Renault Kangoo Express, the latest rendition of the Kangoo LCV that has proved immensely popular with local business and fleet customers across a wide spectrum of industries.

The third-generation Kangoo continues where the previous model left off, having notched up almost 3 600 sales in SA between 2001 and 2009. Its high demand from tradesmen, corporate and government fleets, as well as the rental market, was replicated around the world, with global sales totalling 1,4-million units for the Kangoo Express.

Renault Kangoo Rear View

Indeed, it topped the small-van charts for 10 consecutive years in Europe, strengthening Renault’s position as the continent’s foremost LCV brand.

“New Kangoo Express follows on this practical model’s well-established product strengths, while introducing dramatic improvements in all areas, including design, comfort, ergonomics, reliability and respect for the environment,” says Renault SA managing director, Xavier Gobille.

Renault Kangoo Express

The latest model is more competent, versatile and cost-effective to operate than ever before, making it the ideal choice for all types of business users, from individual tradesmen to large fleets that require an economical, dependable and agile small van specifically designed for the urban environment.

Renault Kangoo Express Concept


The development of the New Kangoo Express was guided by the needs and requirements of commercial small van users. Renault’s engineers carried out detailed analysis of how tradespeople, merchants and delivery drivers use their vehicle day-in and day-out.

The latest model was accordingly tailored to optimise its high-demand business application as an effective ‘mobile office’ and working tool for most drivers.

Yet Renault also focused on differentiating the Kangoo Express using modern, expressive styling highlighted by a short, robust front end. The muscular fenders lend a strong sense of purpose, and are manufactured from a supple composite material that absorbs minor impacts without damage.

The cockpit is spacious and bright, with an advanced panoramic MPV-style windscreen. Inside, the design emphasis is on space, practicality and functionality, with features unprecedented on a vehicle of this type.

Special attention was given to material quality and finish, and no sheet metal is visible in the cabin. It is also exceptionally roomy, as illustrated by the elbow room of 1,51 m, which is 8,8 cm more than the previous model.

Driving comfort is identical to that of a leisure vehicle, with a raised driving position, high-quality seats, excellent visibility, a dashboard-mounted gearshift, and electric power steering. Additionally, the aviation-style handbrake frees up stowage space between the two seats.

In line with its working role, the Kangoo Express offers numerous ingenious storage areas, including an A4-format document storage area on the modern dashboard, complete with pen holder.

There is also an easy-access 13-litre ceiling rack that is designed to hold items such as a road atlas, documents or a small bag. Generously sized four-litre door compartments are capable of accommodating documents plus a 1,5-litre bottle.

Air-conditioning is standard to enhance occupant comfort, along with remote central locking, a trip computer and a height-adjustable driver’s seat. A radio with MP3-compatible CD and Bluetooth connectivity is available as an aftermarket dealer fitment.

Renault Kangoo Express Concept 2011


New Kangoo Express measures 4,21 m in length, for an optimised loading volume of three cubic metres (up from 2,75 m3), and a maximum load length of 1 476 mm. The width between the wheel arches is 1,2 m, enabling the loading of a Euro pallet.

The very robust rear swing doors are specially designed for heavy-duty use, and can be opened up to 90 degrees with the internal latch in place, and through 180 degrees with the latch released.

The equally sturdy sliding side door opens smoothly by means of a fridge-type handle, giving an aperture of 635 mm – 16 mm wider than the previous Kangoo.

The payload capacity is an impressive 800 kg, and six anchor rings are provided in the load area for securing heavy goods in place.

Renault also offers a wide range of accessories and interior fittings for the Kangoo Express, all tailor-made to suit a wide variety of applications and load-carrying requirements.

Renault Kangoo Side View


The new-generation Kangoo Express is built on the acclaimed Scénic chassis, which provides unprecedented handling, comfort and safety for a van of this kind. It achieves the dynamic performance of a passenger car while meeting all the specifications of a light commercial vehicle.

The front and rear track dimensions (1,52 and 1,54 m respectively) are 12 cm wider than the previous Kangoo for enhanced stability. At 2,70 m, the wheelbase is also 10 cm longer.

The MacPherson-type front suspension has a rectangular lower arm for greater steering precision and control. Front and rear dampers are calibrated for an optimal balance between comfort and performance, and is consistent with the Kangoo Express payload requirements.

At the rear, a programmed deflection suspension employs coil springs and a 15,1 mm diameter anti-roll bar. This produces a sound, reassuring drive with very good road holding.

The chassis and axle systems achieve reduced roll and enhanced stability under cornering, with consistent roll characteristics under all load conditions for more predictable handling. Large 15-inch rims with 195/65 R15 tyres further aid stability and control, and a full-size spare wheel is included.

New-generation, electrically assisted power steering affords a 3,5 percent reduction in fuel consumption, along with a level of responsiveness that varies according to the driving conditions. Notably, the turning circle of just 10,7 m (identical to the Clio) allows for exceptional manoeuvrability.

Power comes from Renault’s proven fuel-injected 1,6-litre, eight-valve petrol engine, which enjoys a solid reputation for robustness, reliability and efficiency. It produces a peak power output of 64 kW at 5 500 r/min, with a maximum torque figure of 128 Nm available across a large engine speed range. As much as 90 percent of the torque peak is available from 2 000 r/min, resulting in solid in-gear tractability and all-round driveability.

The Kangoo Express is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, and achieves a combined cycle fuel consumption of 8,2 l/100 km.


To afford maximum protection for the driver and passenger, new Kangoo Express inherits a  no-compromise structure and top-class safety equipment. Occupant protection starts with the structure, which uses steel and various other materials specially designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy.

The cockpit forms a rigid, non-deformable survival cell, protecting occupants against intrusion from the engine compartment in a frontal impact. The two seatbelts are fitted with pre-tensioners that provide optimum restraint in the case of an impact, and specially calibrated load limiters for enhanced thorax protection.

A driver’s airbag is standard, along with an anti-submarining hump in the seat cushion. Other important impact safety features include a deformable magnesium steering wheel frame, door padding, a metal shield in the shell under the steering wheel to reduce the risk of lower limb injury, and a collapsible brake pedal to limit ankle injuries.

The Kangoo Express also comes standard with the latest Bosch 8.0 ABS anti-lock braking system, integrated with electronic brake distribution and automatic activation of the hazard warning lamps during emergency stops.

A new innovation is the coupling of the ABS system to the MSR engine torque overrun regulation, which prevents wheel lock-up in the event of sudden deceleration on a low-grip road surface.


In order to meet the demanding expectations of business customers as far as running costs are concerned, the new Kangoo Express has been designed to deliver exceptional reliability and durability.

An oil change service is only required every 15000 km, while the air filter is replaced at
30 000 km/ four-year intervals. The timing belt needs changing every four years or 90 000 km.

RenaultConfiance is standard, which guarantees ultimate peace of mind motoring. The package of after-sales services includes a three-year/60 000 km service plan, as well as an impressive five-year/150 000 km warranty.  Along wit the 12-year anti-corrosion warranty, all outer sheet steel is fully galvanised, and hollow sections are wax-filled.

Backed by extremely competitive pricing, a high level of standard equipment, low maintenance and parts pricing costs, as well as superb fuel efficiency, the new Renault Kangoo Express is at the forefront of the compact LCV van segment in terms of the fleet operator’s essential cpk (cents-per-km) running expenses.

In short, the Kangoo Express is a superbly designed and impressively capable partner that provides practical and sensible motoring solutions for big and small business applications alike.


Kangoo Express 1.6 8v  R164 900