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  • In 2008, Renault expanded its line-up by launching three brand new models LOGAN, KOLEOS and TWINGO. In 2009, Renault will pursue its growing strategy by launching the Sandero and the Laguna Coupé
  • July 17 2008: Renault showed clearly its commitment to South Africa by investing with Nissan under the Alliance 1 billion rand in Roselyn plant to produce locally
  • Renault South Africa has set Quality as its most important strategic axis for both product and services.
  • With three strong assets : revamped line-up, local production, and commitment to quality Renault is aiming to become a major actor in the South African automotive industry

Renault Sandero

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

A revamped line-up
Renault South Africa’s exciting line-up of new vehicles on display at this year’s Johannesburg International Auto Show spans a broader cross-section of distinct sub-markets within the industry.

This wealth of options being made available to the SA consumer is direct evidence of the newfound commitment to this expansion market.

Begins Gobille; “The line-up we’re proud to be displaying over the course of the Johannesburg International Motor Show is the result of our product offensive on the crucial South African marketplace which I announced upon my appointment to this post. This extensive range of new products unequivocally confirms that we are in this market to stay, and will be driving our brand onto an even stronger local footing through our commitment to our customers and delivering top quality, highly desirable motor vehicles in a wide range of segments.”

“We’re confident that each new model being launched is in its own way quite astounding, and that the market will leave with a more complete understanding of what we represent as a global brand.”

This year, Renault South Africa will have launched three brand new models:
– Koleos, featuring intelligent all-wheel-drive, generous ground clearance, and a punchy new 2.0-litre dCi powerplant, the Koleos is the company’s first product designed to tackle the outdoors adventure segment, without sacrificing the stable dynamic prowess of a conventional family saloon or the space and practicality of a small MPV.

Its chunky but stylish looks mean the Koleos is at home whether trawling the urban jungle, or undergoing a more spirited workout in the wide open spaces of Africa. The interior features a swooping, flowing architecture which creates a cabin of sumptuous ambience, with standard equipment levels to support this luxurious ambience.

And be in no doubt that the Koleos can handle itself when the going gets rough. Look no further than the generous ground clearance and adventure-specific enhancements to the integrated satellite navigation system for evidence that this vehicle was intended to take up any challenge, anywhere.

With our 1.2 16v engine emitting no more than 135g/CO2 emission, Twingo is a compact town car overflowing with flair.  The 1.2-litre petrol engine coupled to low overall weight deliver exceptional performance in an ecological sense, and the Twingo embodies Renault Eco2 environmental impact standards with a high percentage of recycled and once again recyclable components. Not only is it frugal on fuel, but the motor also punches the compact Twingo up the road with some conviction thanks again to being mated to a platform with a low overall kerb weight, making this car perfect for inner-city dashes or lengthier motorway cruises.

In addition to being such a visually vibrant, energetic model Renault has created a wide range of customisation options for consumers to create the perfect reflection of their own vivacious personalities, through the addition of exterior graphics or custom interior fittings to the modular cabin architecture.

Beneath it’s pretty face however, new Twingo also boasts an impressive assortment of high-end equipment, including niceties like electric windows and mirrors, power-steering, a quality CD/Radio/MP3 entertainment system, while the range-topping Twingo 1.2 Dynamic Plus  variant even gets automatic headlights and windscreen wipers, as well as distinctive and alluring standard-fit exterior addenda.

Built on the same versatile yet robust B0 platform as the locally-produced Sandero, Logan is a paragon of spacious comfort priced just south of the watershed R100 000. Renault SA is introducing this vehicle to the local market to answer customer’s calls for a saloon car with exceptional levels of safety and comfort, backed by low maintenance costs and purchased at an almost ludicrously attractive price point. Moreover, budget-conscious consumers also get the peace of mind of the vehicle being built to stringent global Renault Quality standards

In 2009, Renault will pursue its product offensive with Renault Sandero and Laguna Coupé

Its quality beyond reproach, the all-new five door Renault Sandero hatchback will appeal to the aspiring but pragmatic younger buyer seeking a stylish hatchback that is spacious and affordable – both to buy and to run.
The combination of aesthetic appeal and lower total cost of ownership is certain to position and entrench Sandero as a class act.

The new Laguna Coupe Concept revealed on the stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show is a showcar that prefigures the Laguna Coupé, an inspiring, four-seater with genuine sensual appeal – combined with unprecedented performance and driving pleasure. In addition to being a true showstopper for its sheer beauty and presence, the new Laguna Coupe Concept is also a high-profile demo platform for the latest technological developments in diesel technology : the new 2,993cc dCi which develops an astounding 173kW and axle-testing 450Nm, the latter at just 1750rpm. This unit is easily capable of revving up to 5200rpm – it’s a diesel solution which combines sub 200g/km emissions with sportscar power and motoring enthusiast’s passion. Its presence at the Johannesburg International Motor Show is confirmation of Renault commitment to launch the LAGUNA COUPÉ in South Africa in 2009.

New Laguna Coupe is likely to continue in the Renault tradition of redefining the dynamics envelope of this competitive class, with four-wheel steering in the form of the Active Drive chassis developed in conjunction with Renault Sport. In addition to delivering more accurate, faster responses on the open road, this advanced system also makes the Laguna Coupe easier to drive in tighter, town scenarios, with a remarkable turning circle for a car with such a powerful presence of just 10.8m.

A 3.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol V6 will also be available in production form, as will the high-tech and scintillating turbocharged 4-cylinder mills which currently represent the top end of the Laguna range.

“The five new models perfectly reflect the strong new position we’re adopting in the SA market,” says Gobille in conclusion; “And with their introduction we expect to be serving a much wider range of customers enticed by the flair, individuality, and unbridled quality which we’ve expended a lot of time and energy on to ensure any vehicle bearing the Renault logo exudes.”

Local production
July 17 2008: Renault announced with Nissan under the Alliance an investment in manufacturing project to locally produce the Renault Sandero and the new Nissan halfton Pickup. With this manufacturing project, the two groups reaffirm their commitment to South Africa. 1 billion rand (80 million euros) is invested in the project by Renault and Nissan for the adaptation of the two cars to the South African market, for the preparation of the plant and the development of the local components and accessories supply chain.

The current production capacity of the plant is 57,000 units per year. At the start of production, the local integration rate will be of 25% and will gradually increase. The production will be for the local market in the beginning. 300 jobs were created in 2008 to support this project.

Xavier Gobille, Managing Director of Renault South Africa explains “Sandero will represent affordable motoring, produced to meet the needs of the SA market and will be the first Renault product manufactured in South Africa.” Renault Sandero will contribute significantly to Renault’s growth in South Africa.

Quality, Renault South Africa strategic axis number one for both product and services
At the 2008 SYNOVATE VEHICLE QUALITY AWARDS, announced on the 14th of October, Renault was the recipient of two top accolades.

In the Best Volume Passenger Car Brand Overall segment, Renault took third place. In addition, Renault Mégane II Sedan made it into the Top Sedan Passenger Car Segment Awards earning the second place.

Renault has improved the range residual value vs. its main competitors by 20% in the last 6 months by conducting a strong policy of not discounting Renault cars. Instead, value options were offered to South African customers such as extended service plans for example.

Locally, Renault has also significantly improved its rankings with regard to service quality: 87.7% of our Sales customers are completely satisfied with the quality of sales at our dealer network, the highest result in more than 3 years. After-Sales side of the business is also showing results that are improving monthly. Renault is committed to ensure optimum service levels at every Renault dealership countrywide.

An aggressive product expansion, combined with local production facilities and strong commitment to quality positions the company well for continued success in South Africa, by addressing customer needs and crafting solutions built to best quality standard and generously specc’ed even for restricted budgets.

Renault SA has the capacity to come out fighting for a more substantial share of the key global market which is SA, as well as the resources to come out on top.

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