Renault Concept Car Egeus



Egeus is the perfect combination of elegance and sportiness, power and solidity.

Its design is a natural continuation of the previous concept cars Wind and Fluence and carries echoes of a top-of-the-range saloon. Its flowing, homogenous lines have nothing of the angular styling usually associated with an SUV.

Renault Egeus South Africa Car Show

The front end is deliberately pared-down. By incorporation the air inlets under the headlamps, Egeus has no need for a grille, too brash for such a pure design. The play of light on the double curve of the sides further accentuates its flowing form.

This suppleness is evident in the way the bonnet flows into the rounded windscreen, which, in turn blends seamlessly into the bubble-shaped glazed roof. The bubble shape of the rear window forms a continuous, flowing line with the windscreen in a streamlined shape worthy of any coupe. The rear window rests on broad wings that sit the car squarely on the road.

With its longer bonnet, shorter front and rear overhang and rounded rear wings, Egeus has a dynamic, powerful character. Its 22-inch wheels combine with higher ground clearance than that of a classic saloon to give this concept car its solid stance.

Inside, the seat height is designed for greater visibility while reinforcing passenger’s sensation of comfort and safety.

The Egeus features four independent seats with all the comfort of a luxury car. Noble materials and a subtle blend of colours and textures distinguish the spacious interior, The relaxed, elegant atmosphere adds to the feeling of serenity inside the cabin.

Renault Egeus South Africa Car Show

The “manta ray” dashboard and the blue-tinted hues of the cabin evoke an underwater world. The leather upholstery in wooden beige tones, inspired by a pixilated image of a setting sun, creates a warm atmosphere.

The centre console, upholstered in blue-tinted leather, echoes Egeus’ undulating sides. It incorporates three generous stowage compartments in addition to the two front-door bins.

The cabin is warm and welcoming thanks to the glazed roof and a central strip with two transparent sections.

The side door handles are flush fitting so as not to detract from the streamlined sides. An optical sensor detects an approaching hand and pushes the handle out a few centimetres, making it easy to grasp.

Renault Egeus South Africa Car Show

The GPS navigation system calculates the recommended speed which is then shown in the centre of the speedometer dial, with its analogue and digital displays. LED diodes around the dial flash to alert an indicator on the instrument panel is automatically activated to show the car’s attitude to the horizontal and alert the driver if there is any risk of roll-over.

Renault Egeus South Africa Car Show

At the top of the dashboard, a centrally positioned interactive screen relays information to passengers in particular a detailed trajectory map.

The intuitive controls are true to the principles of Touch Design. The central rotary speed selector benefits from simple ergonomic styling. The ideally-located multimedia control lever makes for easy handling while the steering wheel-mounted control mirrors the natural curve of the hand.

The 250hp, 3.0 litre V6 engine, mounted north-south, gives Egeus both power and agility. Euro 4 compliant, it is fitted with a particulate filter.

Renault Egeus South Africa Car Show

The fully-automatic 4WD transmission regulates traction on the four wheels from 0 to 100% according to grip. This, combined with a seven-speed flick-shift automatic transmission, ensures a high level f driving comfort while substantially reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Renault Egeus South Africa Car Show

The Egeus’ interior is spacious, comfortable, simple and discreet. Aesthetically, it aims for minimum intrusion and maximum well-being, as what counts when driving, is the environment outside as it unfurls.

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