Renault Commitment Your Peace of Mind


Renault knows that the owners of our vehicles want to be pampered and taken care of. Apart from keeping Renault Owners informed about latest product releases and innovations through our CRM management, we also want to underline specific customer care aspects that ensures that you know our commitment should any problem be experienced and to ensure every driving experience will be with peace of mind.

Renault customer care focuses on complete reassurance for current and future Renault owners. In short, owning and driving a Renault promises to be a pleasurable experience.

With regards to warranties, every Renault sold in South Africa comes with a traditional three year or 100 000 km warranty – this mirrors other manufacturer’s offering on new vehicle sales. In honouring this warranty, Renault will bear the cost of parts and labour in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure. Taking into consideration our local road conditions, it is understandable that wear and tear items such as shock absorbers and brake pads are excluded.

For additional peace of mind, Renault owners may also become part of the comprehensive Maintenance Plan which is offered. This three year or 60 000 km Maintenance Plan – whichever comes first – covers all scheduled services and covers items such as brake pads, shock absorbers and wiper blades to mention but a few. In short, the Maintenance Plan therefore covers mechanical failure and items previously excluded!

Renault owners wishing to upgrade to the Maintenance Plan can refer to their service manual. The manual contains information regarding vehicles covered by the maintenance plan as well as the optional service plans offered on other Renault models.

More information is available from the service advisor at their local Renault dealership, or alternatively by phoning 0861 264 346 for quotations on maintenance plan, warranty extensions and optional service plans according to individual requirements.

With regards to spare part pricing and being in such a competitive environment, Renault SA has undertaken to ensure that its spare parts pricing remains competitive.

In the past, the well-known Kinsey Report has consistently come to the conclusion that Renault spare parts are more than competitively priced. In fact, Renault has come to be regarded as one of the industry leaders, considering that Renault parts are fully imported!

However, affordable spares are useless – if it is not readily available! Renault SA has gone out of its way to ensure that parts are available at the nearest dealership at the right price.

In the unlikely event of a particular spare part not being available ‘off the shelf’, Renault understands the effect of immobility.

As an industry first, Renault will provide a courtesy vehicle from day one until your vehicle is mobile again!

However, if your Renault is immobilised for more than two days due to delays in diagnostics – in other words, the problem cannot be identified immediately – you will be offered a courtesy car from day three until your vehicle is repaired. (This is only applicable to vehicles still under manufacturer’s warranty)

This courtesy vehicle, understandably, does not apply in the event of accidents or where the vehicle has been abused.

Another aspect of Renault’s commitment to peace of mind driving, covers pricing of scheduled services. In a move to keep customers informed, a publicly displayed fixed-price menu stating the costs of every scheduled service will be a standard feature in all Renault dealerships.

Furthermore, as a major role-player in South Africa (Renault sells almost 20 000 vehicles in this country each year), the company has recognised the need for a well trained and dedicated team to guarantee prompt and efficient service. Renault is dedicated to contacting the client within 24 hours upon receiving a call or sending an enquiry.

Nice to know that by buying a new Renault, you will be driving a car not only renowned for its reliability and design features, but that you will also be the owner of a vehicle imported by people who regard you as more than a client.