Renault answers customer calls for ultimate value in Logan sedan

  • Renault Logan is based on the ultra-versatile B0 platform, extending the value proposition of a product which already has strong sales successes in various international markets under its belt.
  • Renault Logan delivers precisely what customers want – exceptional value for money without sacrificing either quality or comfort.

Renault Logan

With the global credit crunch and its far-reaching fallout continuing to impact significantly on spending power, motoring consumers today are on the lookout for genuine value. Today Renault SA has the ideal answer in the new Renault Logan sedan. The new Logan is the first of an impressive product offensive which over the next few months will boldly underline the commitment of the French-born car maker to the South African environment.

Debuting in Romania in September 2004, the Logan sold an unprecedented 20 000 units within just four months. Since then, it has seen untold international success and is now sold in five continents and 60 countries. Between the 2004 launch and August 2008, 915 000 Logans have been sold worldwide.

Renault Logan Logo

Based on the B0 platform, the new Renault Logan boasts an incredibly roomy interior. With an exceptional 510 litres of boot space 160 litres more than its closest competitor, back seat length of 1420 mm only comparable to vehicles above its segment, and a back seat capable of fitting three adult occupants of more than 1.90 m in height, the new Renault Logan is undeniably the most spacious vehicle in its class which guarantees seating comfort for all occupants.

Renault Logan Logo and Grill

The Logan is meticulously built to Renault’s stringent global quality standards. This strict adherence saw the Renault Logan awarded the top spot in the 2007 JD Power Initial Quality Survey (IQS) in India. This achievement was not surprising since one of the fundamentals of the B0 platform philosophy from which the Logan is produced, is robustness and rigidity.

Renault Logan Dashboard

All vehicles produced from this platform undergo rigorous quality testing by exposure to severe climatic conditions and bad road surfaces and the result – a robust and reliable product of quality beyond reproach.

The new Logan is available with a frugal but punchy 8V four-cylinder 1.6-litre engine.
This engine is based on technology that has been proven through years of continued operation in various Renault platforms, and it offers a tantalising blend of ability, longevity, and efficiency, delivering commendable fuel economy to drivers of the new Renault Logan without incurring increased costs for higher-tech “green” solutions.

Developing maximum power output of 64kW at 5500rpm and useful 128Nm of torque at 3300rpm, the 1.6-litre engine propels the Logan from rest to 100km/h in 11.5s up to a top speed of 175km/h. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Logan records combined-cycle consumption of just 7.2 litres/100km representing affordable day to day running costs.
This remarkably willing engine powers the front wheels via another well-proven component, the tireless JH 5-speed manual gearbox.

Renault Logan Dashboard Car Shows

By employing such a trusty mechanical platform in the new Renault Logan, the company is able to focus on refining all elements of the vehicle as a whole to perfection and ensure that each and every Logan rolling off the factory floor is assured to be reliable, strong, and a true value proposition throughout its entire lifecycle thanks to low repair and spare-parts bills.

Although based on well-worn design principles, both engine and drivetrain are sure to impress even committed drivers in actual operation, the strong mid-range and free-revving nature of the four-cylinder petrol motor blending perfectly with the slick, precise action of the rigorously quality-tested and optimised transmission.

In dynamic terms, the Logan’s front-drive layout and substantial dimensions endow it with an agile but safe handling repertoire as well as a beautifully controlled and damped ride for making light of even difficult road conditions. The overall quality control really shines through in these conditions as well, the entire structure feeling secure and comfortable, but at the same time very robust and undoubtedly long-lived.

Renault Logan Johannesburg Car Shows

From a styling perspective, the Renault Logan sports an attractive exterior look based on a body coloured package all-round – bumpers, side mirrors, door handles and side door protection mouldings. Standard front fog lamps add to the aesthetics and make the Renault Logan impossible to ignore. Practicality need not equate to blandness either, as Renault proves in the Logan, with its distinctive headlamps, sculpted bonnet, strongly designated wheel arches and bold grille punctuated by the unmistakable Renault logo, the Logan compels one to take notice.

The exterior and interior ambience of this car smack of a vehicle with a much more substantial list price, in terms of sheer quality and aesthetic details. Known for its youthful, enthusiastic approach to creating modern vehicles for today’s fashion-conscious buyers, the manufacturer has maintained this philosophy but extended customer’s access to this adventurous brand with the value-oriented Logan.

Combining a cabin with class-leading airiness and stowage capacity usually equates to aesthetics which are distinctly oversized, but the Logan design team has merged functionality with arresting good looks perfectly in the new Logan. The mature, value-oriented family the vehicle is directly targeted at will adore it for its roominess, while its handsome looks will endear the model to a much wider audience. Even younger customers without families will be drawn in for a closer look, and possibly won over by the supreme practicality of the model as well as its pure affordability, both in the long- and short-terms.

Standard features further entrenching this attractive value proposition include power steering, air conditioning, remote central locking, front and rear power windows, and Radio/CD MP3 entertainment system. Safety features include a driver’s airbag as well as ABS and EBD for maximum stability and control in emergency stopping situations. In short, despite a budget-busting price point, the new Renault Logan is fully loaded with all the modern motoring amenities available on vehicles in much higher price brackets.

The active safety systems combine with a highly rigid and robust passenger cell to ensure that drivers and passengers are kept from harm should something unexpected come up, while the ABS and EBD-equipped braking system provides the driver with the best possible tools for avoiding mishaps even in wet, low-traction situations. Once again, the Renault Logan represents an approach to the value-driven motoring segment which is unique, and demonstrates that the brand cares about delivering the best product it can deliver across the entire, broadened price spectrum being unveiled right now.

Comments Xavier Gobille, Managing Director of Renault SA; “We’re very excited to be bringing the Renault Logan to our SA customer base, as we believe this car represents everything the budget-conscious consumer is looking for in a motor vehicle right now. It has an excess of features at a value-oriented price point, while retaining the superb levels of quality the Renault badge has come to represent over the years, and backed by parts which are priced to further underline the superb value for money proposition. It is ideally positioned to be the foundation for our renewed dedication to the SA market.”

Based on its very favourable international reception, projections on the performance of the new Logan sedan in the local arena are encouraging, and on the back of the anticipated success of this and other models being introduced to our shores based on this ultra-versatile platform Renault SA will be looking to expand and strengthen its presence in more outlying regions of South Africa in 2009. The latest Logan model kicks off an aggressive expansion strategy for Renault SA which will be rapidly developed and expanded with new entrants in the next two quarters, all underpinned by the strong projected demand for the new Logan, which it cannot be denied offers a rich motoring experience at an unbelievably affordable R99 500!

The Renault Logan will be imported from the Mahindra plant in Nashik, India – a joint venture between Renault and the Indian automotive giant.

As financial markets across the globe bend under severe economic stress, the Renault Logan enters the SA market at the perfect time to make a real difference to South African’s perceptions of value-conscious motoring. For less than a hundred thousand Rand, consumers can now have a car which literally suits all their needs, being handsome, reliable, constructed to vigorous quality-control standards, and fully-equipped with modern luxuries and features. It is a solution to a cash-shortage problem which extends deep into the middle classes, and is being released at the perfect time to allow customers to continue being as comfortably mobile as they’re used to being, while freeing-up funds for more pressing financial matters during these difficult times.

The Renault Logan is available from 1st November 2008

Price :

  • Renault Logan 1.6 Exception : R99 500 incl. vat