Rembrandt van Rijn Google Doodle Update


Rembrandt van Rijn Google Doodle

Rembrandt van Rijn

Today 15 July 2013 Google is celebrating the legacy, art and paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn on all international Google Search engines with the Rembrandt van Rijn Google Doodle. In the Google Doodle there is a self-portrait of the artist Rembrandt van Rijn.

Rembrandt van Rijn was known for his self-paintings and portraits. The Doodler who came up with the Rembrandt van Rijn portrait Google Doodle have done a magnificent job, and if Rembrandt van Rijn saw the way which Google have chosen to honor 407 years since his birth it would have likely carried his blessings.

Today’s Google Doodle may be one of those people that you know about without having to read more about him, this just tells you how well-known the artist is, and how famous his work have become over the years.

Rembrandt van Rijn is commonly considered to be one of the greatest artists, painters and sketch artist that have come from the Netherlands. His work currently sell for millions in the art market and although he is dead, likely one of the persons who made most money after their death.

In celebration of his art work, and his paintings you can use today to search and learn more about

Rembrandt van Rijn

and his work.