Development Engineering & Enterprise Limited, often known in industry circles by its short-form name DEE-Ltd, has moved to new premises to expand its engineering services business and provide space for planned further growth.  The move, to a spacious purpose built facility in Cubbington, located in the scenic Warwickshire countryside south of Coventry, will allow DEE-Ltd to co-locate its main workshops and advanced CAD facilities under one roof.

Concurrently, DEE-Ltd has made a number of key changes at the company, including the creation of five defined lines of business (LOBs), which clearly identify the company’s expanding areas of work, future focus, aspirations and ambition.  These cover its core engineering services business, plus prototype and low volume build; powertrain and performance products; defence land systems; motorsport and race engines.

DEE-Ltd, which was previously based in comparatively small industrial space within the Coventry City boundary, has seen its development engineering business grow significantly over the last two years. Their customers now include an array of UK based OEM’s as well as a growing number of international manufacturers and motorsport clients, including F1.

Neil McAdam, DEE-Ltd’s founder and Managing Director says, “From our humble beginnings in 2005, we have just kept our heads down and quietly set about building a strong and diversified business.  We have a small core client base which completely understands our approach – be that necessarily conventional, or innovative or radical.  Importantly, we are recognised for the standard and quality of our work – and the extra miles we go to support our clients.

“Having completely run out of space where we were, now has been the right time to move and to take the company to the next level.  We serve a range of engineering sectors, within which many companies curtailed their in-house engineering development capability when the market collapsed.  As the market recovers – both here in the UK and globally, we will be well placed to fulfil customer requirements on a sound and cost effective basis,” says Neil McAdam.

The company’s powertrain and crate engine business was launched two years ago to supply a range of Toyota engines for the low volume market and motorsport.  That activity has evolved too to include both gasoline and diesel engines for industrial applications.  Currently, it is involved in a detailed international study of industry trends and future power options for pumps, generators, mobile plant and airfield ground services equipment.   At the Autosport Engineering Show in January 2013, the company will launch a new upgraded aftermarket version of Toyota’s D-2GR-FE 3.5 litre V6 engine with power options up to 500bhp.

DEE-Ltd’s defence land systems business is now driven primarily through the Nomad Vehicle Group (NVG), in which it is the engineering partner – and develops high performance, extreme mobility air-portable platforms for military applications.  Current platform variants cover operational requirements such as logistics support, battlefield casualty evacuation, light strike and Special Forces deployments.

Developing prototype and production ready low volume products is central to DEE-Ltd’s business and the new Cubbington facility provides ample space and a discreet environment for this area of the business to expand.  It has already integrated and packaged some of its Toyota derived engine products into kit, specialist sports and track day cars and it plans to increase its bespoke component design, machine fabrication and sub-assembly work.

With a range of both 4- and 6- cylinder performance and race engine packages now available, DEE-Ltd is in a strong position to build on its existing motorsport business.  The company plans to supply a small number of engines for the coming season – with a view to introducing race engine leasing options for specific competition categories starting in 2014.