The table below shows the registration figures for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in detail. Top performers by model are also listed. Providing SMMT is acknowledged as the source of this information, these figures may be quoted.

    Month end 2012 Month end 2011 % Change Year-to- date 2012 Year-to- date 2011 % Change
    England 316,602 311,802 1.54 475,648 472,643 0.64
    Northern Ireland 6,400 6,337 0.99 15,948 16,191 -1.50
    Scotland 34,782 32,718 6.31 49,557 46,857 5.76
    Wales 14,027 13,626 2.94 19,825 19,668 0.80
    Grand total 371,811 364,483 2.01 560,978 555,359 1.01

    Note: Channel Islands and Isle of Man new car registrations not included.

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