Real-time display of Audi’s pulse rate

  • Digital panel shows Audi production rate
  • Eye-catcher for visitors and travelers on plant’s north facade
  • Plant Manager Peter Kössler: “New visual identity intended to convey the fascination of automotive manufacturing”.

Audi Pulse

“Audi’s pulse rate”: Every 30 seconds a new car leaves the production line at the Ingolstadt plant, making a daily total of around 2,500. Tourists, travelers and visitors can now check that pulse rate in real time. A digital panel covering more than 500 square meters on the Audi A3 body manufacturing line displays which model destined for which country is currently leaving the production line.

“We would like to tell the many car drivers and rail travelers what is going on in the plant at that very moment, and hope that this live display will interest and appeal to people”, commented Audi Plant Manager Peter Kössler. “The body manufacturing line for the new Audi A3 is the most advanced of its kind anywhere in the world, so it guarantees our Vorsprung durch Technik”, added Kössler.

The new brand identity at the Ingolstadt site is part of a broader concept for all Audi production locations. The objective is to create more transparency and involve the general public. Every day, Audi Ingolstadt engages with the public in many different ways. Visitors, people collecting their new car, service providers and suppliers, employees and people from across the region all come into contact with it. As the panel can easily be seen from the orbital road and the ICE Munich-Nuremberg high-speed rail link, Audi’s pulse rate can now also be gaged by people in transit.