Ranger Owners Get More Air With K&N


Keep it clean – even in your Ford Ranger…


With Ford’s Ranger now holding the high ground in the bakkie and double-cab market, owners of these macho pick-ups should ask themselves one very important question: just how dusty is that high ground from which they’re looking down on their bakkie rivals?

South Africa in winter can be extremely dusty, and to protect the engine integrity of their asset, Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS) recommends that Ranger owners take advantage of the availability of a K&N air filter for the popular bakkie. The cotton gauze media of these high-performance filters guarantees exceptional filtration and the removal of even the most miniscule particles of dust – without adding any restriction.

Best of all, these washable, reusable and pre-oiled filters don’t require any changes to the vehicle’s fuel management system: it is ready for installation into the original airbox and simply replaces the inefficient, disposable paper element. Less restriction also means a nominal increase in power, and crisper throttle response to go with it.

Every K&N filter comes with the company’s famous Million Mile warranty, which means this will in all likelihood be the only filter a Ranger owner will ever need to buy. ATS stocks K&N filters for the 2.5-litre petrol as well as for 2.2- and 3.2-litre turbodiesels.

ATS can be reached on 011 670 8400 and sales@ats-motorsport.co.za, or visit their website: www.ats-motorsport.co.za