RaceChip® – power increase through chip tuning


In the modern age of vehicles, everything is controlled by a computer. The ratio of air to fuel, the top speed of the vehicle, the timing of the engine, all of these and more are monitored and regulated by the computer in your vehicle.

Because of this, many people are now chiptuning their vehicles in order to achieve very targeted increases in performance. There are plenty of devices for everyone out there, whether you are looking for an increase in power or an increase in fuel economy.

One notable company providing the equipment to do this is RaceChip ®. They have a line of additional control devices which you could install yourself at your home in about fifteen minutes. These devices are often favourable to what is known as an OBD-tuner or programming device because they do not modify the software running your vehicle at all.

For example: if your vehicle has a set top speed, the additional control devices offered by RaceChip ® will not modify the top speed.

There is less stress on the components of your vehicle because they are not being pushed past their intended parameters; these modules only optimise what your vehicle’s computer was already doing. They are also removable and do not leave a trace if you plan on trading your vehicle into a dealership or selling it privately.

They are definitely worth the expense just in the fuel savings alone, and the added power is a definite bonus! If you do wish to go with OBD-tuning just remember that while your performance gains and fuel economy improvements are better, there will be more wear and tear on your vehicle as it is being reprogrammed to work outside of its original perimeters.