The new Shanghai based international automotive company Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd. (“Qoros”) has successfully protected its brand name QOROS in a German Court.  The District Court in Hamburg granted Qoros’ motion for a preliminary injunction against Korean car manufacturer Kia Motors Corporation (“Kia”) barring Kia from using the name “QUORIS” in relation to motor vehicles in the entire territory of the European Union (“EU”).

Founded in 2007, Qoros is a China based automotive company operating international engineering and design studios in Shanghai as well as in Graz, Austria, and Munich, Germany.  It currently constructs a new state of the art production facility in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province.  The first QOROS cars will go on sale in China and international markets as of 2013.  Qoros successfully registered its company and brand name QOROS as a trademark in China, the U.S., the EU, and many other countries.

Following a public release of Kia in July to market a new car model as “QUORIS”, Qoros took action to protect its brand name.  By granting the preliminary injunction, the Court found that coexistence of “QOROS” and “QUORIS” in a car market would cause consumer confusion.  Vice Chairman of Qoros, Mr. Volker Steinwascher, welcomes the court’s decision: “We are pleased with the decision of the court as we succeeded in our first step towards protecting our brand name.  We look forward to the first public début of our vehicles at both the Geneva and the Shanghai auto show in 2013.”

The preliminary injunction is currently served upon Kia in Korea and still can be appealed by Kia.  Qoros will continue legal efforts to protect its unique and valuable trademark in other territories.

Full details about the first car from Qoros will be revealed at its launch.  Meanwhile, further information about the Qoros brand, the company and its products are available at qorosauto.com.