Prominence Commuting Device Tokyo Motor Show

Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: December 5, 2011

Prominence Commuting Device(PCD) is electric vehicle becoming less than CO2 emission basic unit of Well to Wheel of passenger railway in a occurring by transport of one adult. PCD acquires a license plate as "moped car" and can really run public roads.

Prominence-Commuting-Device 2011

 The CO2 emission basic unit in Well to Wheel of PCD is 13.4g-CO2/ person *kilometer.

This is less than Japanese passenger railway (18g-CO2/person kilometer).

PCD can run 90km by one charge, and Its highest speed is 75km/h.

Prominence-Commuting-Device Side View

This vehicle performance and environmental performance are realized by pursuit of lightweighting and the aerodynamics performance as well as the electrification of the vehicle.

Prominence-Commuting-Device Front