Profil at Brityrex Tyre Show 2012


Profil” deals with production and wholesale of retreaded car tires for all types of cars: personal, delivery and off-road ones, in many sizes and many patterns of the tread, both winter and summer types.

profil tyres

The treading, also called the regeneration, consists in placing a new layer of the tread on the tire and strengthening the tire sides. The final product is a tire whose parameters do not differ from the parameters of a new tire (equally durable) and which is in fact more preferred in the world taking into consideration environment protection (recycling)

The “Profil” company regenerates mainly tires for personal, delivery and off-road cars, in typical sizes: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 inch ones, as they are the most popular sizes on the market. The technology of producing the treaded tire and the tire itself are characterized by high quality, durability and good use, which is especially important taking into account the safety of driving. Apart from the above-mentioned features, it has much lower price than the new tire.

Our company buys the highest quality products from well-established producers of rubber mixes and from foreign tire providers. Since the beginning of its operation the “Profil” company has paid special attention to the quality of produced tires.

A number of tests carried out before and after the regeneration allows us to produce a faultless tire which is ready to be used.