Prevention, Not Patch-Ups Needed to Solve UK Pothole Crisis


    The Warranty Direct-owned campaign website,, is calling for councils to resurface pothole-ravaged roads and to scrap their patch and mend policy.

    The call comes as the annual ALARM (Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance) report reveals that there are 1.7million potholes in England and Wales and an 11-year backlog of road repairs. revealed last year that British motorists shell out an average of over £1 million a day fixing suspension and axle damage caused by potholes and badly-maintained roads. Most damage is done on smaller A and B-roads and local routes used more frequently by drivers.

    Now, despite a mild winter, the pothole crisis continues, causing unnecessary breakdowns, dangerous evasive maneuvers and average repair bills of £319. wants local authorities to focus on prevention rather patch-ups by deploying a strategy of resurfacing to combat the immediate reappearance of poorly filled craters.

    Duncan McClure Fisher, of Warranty Direct, which set up, said: “It’s simply not acceptable for local authorities to patch-up roads that resemble the surface of the moon – they need to be resurfaced.

    “Local and residential roads are regularly ignored. Councils need to be creative, enlisting local businesses and spending the money there is as wisely as possible, not wasting a penny on repairs which only last a matter of days sometimes.

    “A lack of foresight is often to blame; if every council had at least a passable ‘pothole plan’ they’d be better prepared and all of us would be spending far less time and money fixing our cars.”

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