The world’s best DJ will be inspiring dancers to generate enough positive energy to power Renault’s stunning 100% electric Twizy at a special Covent Garden event this weekend.

Renault Twizy

David Guetta’s tunes will light up a sustainable dancefloor where Britain’s Got Talent stars Twist and Pulse will perform their unique genre of street-dance, known as Streetomedy.

Legendary Notting Hill DJ, Norman Jay MBE, is also set to perform at a buzzing VIP cocktail party on Saturday evening where Renault will be giving away 500 pairs of ‘Plug Into The Positive Energy’ Wayfarer style sunglasses to members of the public who get on the dancefloor.

The three-day event from July 6 to 8 at the iconic London location  is one of the key dates on the ‘Renault Z.E. Test Drive Tour 2012’ specifically designed to promote awareness of the various benefits of electric motoring.

The key aims of the gruelling schedule will be to leave visitors “educated, motivated and enthusiastic” towards the French brand’s unique 100% electric vehicle range – especially Twizy, which is designed for city motoring and congestion charge exempt.

Commenting on Renault’s latest marketing initiative and the main Covent Garden event, Andy Heiron, UK Head of Electric Vehicles Programme, said: “Our current three-model electric range has already been attracting a lot of interest, especially the unique Twizy. The Covent Garden event will be the biggest on the tour and is the perfect location for Twizy to take centre stage, and the dancing will be fantastic.

“But the proof is in the pudding. We’re confident that after experiencing the refined and responsive driving experience of a purely electric vehicle, combined with the financial and environmental benefits of switching to an electric vehicle, potential buyers will be smitten.”

The Covent Garden event on the ‘Renault. Z.E. Tour’ lasts for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and is held within close proximity to Renault Z.E. dealer Renault London West in Western Avenue and within the capital’s well-equipped charging network.

At the heart of the event will be a central purpose-built geodesic dome alongside a sustainable interactive dancefloor that measures the energy taken from every footstep and uses the power generated to charge a static Twizy! The dome will be the welcome point for all visitors who engage in the activities, including the Twizy demonstrations, super-charged dancing and on-road test-drives.

Within the dome, touch screen pods will provide visitors with information relating to battery range, charging times, pricing , the latest Plugged-in Places infrastructure and Renault’s preferred electric vehicle partner, British Gas and the firm’s charging solutions for homes and businesses.

During the accompanied test drives, professional instructors will explain vehicle characteristics such as regenerative braking, the availability of full torque from a standing start and the overall efficiency of the chosen model.

The running costs savings will also be explained using a ‘Reward Your Alter Eco’ challenge iPad app. After answering four simple questions, the app calculates the savings that could be achieved by visitors if they chose to switch to a Renault Z.E. over their current vehicle.

All challenge entries will then be entered into a prize draw and guests are able to choose how they would reward their ‘alter eco’ if successful in the draw at the end of the tour.