Portland International Auto Show is on Fire


    portland international auto showWe have just received reports of a privately owned Lamborghini Gallardo that caught fire on its way to the 2012 Portland International Car Show. The Car was supposed to be part of some private car display at the Auto Show. Fire regulations at Auto Shows are usually very strict and cars are only allowed to be part of the show if they have a limited number of fuels in the tank. It were reported that one of the Fire Marshals prevented the car from entering the Portland International Auto Show and were asked to get rid of the fuel.

    Instead of taking the Lamborghini for a spin the driver decided to ref off the gas. Lamborghini’s are known to drink petrol and it possibly seemed like a very good idea at the time. Unfortunately for the car the driver soon got tired of the pedal and decided to implement some sort of automated system to keep the pedal pushed down.

    lamborghini on fireWhile the car was left unattended it overheated and the engine caught fire. Luckily the fire was extinguished and nobody suffered serious injury. The Lamborghini that caught on fire drawn some well deserved media attention onto the Portland International Auto Show that is taking place in Portland Oregon, US from January 26, 2012 to the January 29th, 2012.

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