Close the net on thieves with TRACKER’s stolen vehicle recovery

    Stolen vehicle recovery specialist TRACKER is urging farmers to take steps to protect themselves from thieves by looking at their security practices.  This follows last week’s BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme which focused on the growing issue of rural crime, talking to farmers and police about the impact of theft.   Fitting a tracking unit to farm machinery and vehicles is a simple way to deter criminals and significantly improves the chances of recovery, should the worst happen.

    Talking to Farming Today, Chief constable, Richard Crompton advised farmers to make small changes to ensure they make it difficult for thieves, such as ensuring barns and stores are locked and not leaving the keys in the ignition, even for a moment. This is backed up by TRACKER’s own figures, which show that 75% of vehicle theft is carried out using the keys.

    “According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, rural crime rose by 17% in 2010, while TRACKER has recovered over £15million worth of stolen plant and agricultural machinery and equipment over the last five years,” says Stuart Chapman, a Police Liaison Officer from TRACKER. “The total income from farming in the UK is £4.07 billion, making the agricultural industry a vital part of the UK’s economy, especially for thousands of families who live in rural areas. Organised criminal gangs are now turning to the countryside as they realise that farming equipment, even tractors, can be worth over a hundred thousand pounds each and they are often left parked with minimal or even no security measures at all.”

    “Farmers shouldn’t give criminals an easy ride and that means putting a little extra time and thought into security. A staggering 68 per cent of all stolen plant TRACKER recovers is done so within 24 hours of its stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) device being activated – 10 per cent of which was recovered within just one hour. This is a clear indication of how effective a tracker unit can be, helping farmers close the net on criminals and protect their profits from the loss of expensive machinery and vehicles.”

    TRACKER offers an unrivalled level of protection against the growing threat of plant theft in rural areas, with its market leading stolen vehicle recovery system significantly increasing the chances of recovery. The system is Thatcham approved, offering added quality assurance and the possibility of an insurance discount. In addition, leading rural insurer NFU Mutual will offer a 12.5% discount to its member if they have a TRACKER fitted.

    A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen places around the farm vehicle or machine. There is no visible aerial, so the thief won’t even know it’s there.  Unlike other tracking systems, the device works no matter where the plant is hidden, even if taken abroad, offering farmers the ultimate in peace of mind.