• Ford USB Music Box is an aftermarket accessory enabling drivers of vehicles without a factory-fitted USB port, to connect any USB mass storage device to their vehicle’s stereo
  • Songs and albums can be selected via the steering wheel-mounted controls
  • Devices such as phones and MP3 players recharge when connected

Brentwood, Essex, 19 December, 2011 – As anyone who has spent a long journey endlessly flicking through radio stations will testify, sometimes only your own music collection will do.

Ford USB Music Box

But if your vehicle doesn’t have a factory-fitted USB port, connecting your MP3 player can often result in a maze of wires, inferior sound quality, and no remote control function. Now Ford is offering an aftermarket accessory that provides the solution – the USB Music Box.

Offered through Ford dealers across the UK, the USB Music Box enables drivers and their passengers to plug their MP3 player, or any USB mass storage device, into the car and listen to their choice of music in razor sharp quality.

Axel Wilke, director, Vehicle Personalisation, Ford Customer Service Division Europe, explained: “Many of our newer vehicles are fitted with a USB port as standard, but drivers of older vehicles don’t have to miss out anymore. The USB Music Box lets you connect any USB mass storage device, it produces a great sound quality very similar to that of the radio – and it also gives you the ability to flick between songs and albums via the controls on their steering wheel. And it can charge the device too.”

The USB Music Box consists of a USB socket, which can be placed out of sight in the glove compartment, centre console or armrest. Any USB mass storage device, such as a mobile phone, MP3 player or USB stick, can be connected. Stored music can then be played through the AUX channel on the car’s stereo. Songs, albums and folders can be selected through the steering wheel-mounted controls, while devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and cameras will automatically recharge whenever they are connected.

Simple Plug and Play wiring means the device can be fitted and ready to play your favourite tunes in less than an hour.