Pirelli PZero Shoes Now Available in South Africa


Renowned on the road, it is unsurprising that Pirelli PZero Shoes have been revered for pioneering the leather sole, using the tread of their namesake. Having finally stepped onto South African soil, with their limited Men’s’ Range, these bespoke Creations are cut and constructed similarly to a tailored suit; and are the perfect Accompaniment to any Ensemble.

Pirelli Shoes

Much like the box they are packaged in, the highly covetable Brand of Pirelli Pzero Shoes are housed in luxury at Preview Shoes, under the illustrious Pirelli Umbrella.   Preview Shoes, The Designer Collection, has always been associated with lavish luxury, and Preview Shoes represents European Designers of distinction, as well as Italian Shoes at their finest, imported into South Africa. Almost a decade ago, Pirelli signed the new brand, PZero, inspired by a tyre created in 1987.

As a platform between Marketing and Fashion, the PZero Project combines elements of Experimental Technology, Design and Lifestyle; and with the former Creative Director of Prada Sport, Sandro Mandrino on board, the Signature Style is apparent in every pair. In Italy, PZero Footwear is housed in the most exclusive and thriving Stores for Footwear, and has already established a presence in England, Spain, Russia and the Middle East. In just a few seasons PZero Footwear has become a Status Symbol for a Generation, and with an unexpected Success that has generated a hype since its inception, PZero continues to prosper.

Made to measure, and unmatched in Class and Comfort, these Signature Sneakers are available in four Styles, and are exclusive to Preview Shoes, Sandton and Eastgate. They say if you want to know about a man, you need to walk a mile in his shoes. If he’s wearing PZero Footwear, we’ll do it gladly, knowing all the while that he is Sophisticated, Successful and Stylish; and making his mark.