Quality, innovation, speed, cost, global presence, level of service and sustainability were the criteria used to identify the nine “winners” of the Supplier Award 2013

Pirelli Tyre Supplier Awards 2013

The Pirelli Group spent around 4 billion euro to acquire goods and services in 2012

Milan, 10 April 2013 – Pirelli today gave out its “Supplier Award 2013”, in recognition of the best suppliers who, with the quality of their work, contribute in a significant way to Pirelli’s Premium strategy throughout the world.

This year’s edition of the “Supplier Award” was given to 9 international companies – of which a full 5 were from the Asia-Pacific region – chosen by Pirelli on the basis of seven criteria: sustainability, quality, level of service, speed, innovation, as well as cost and global presence.

The “quality” of the companies which supply goods and services is an essential factor in the pursuit of Pirelli’s premium strategy. In 2012, the Group spent around 4 billion euro on goods and services.

At present there are about 12,000 companies around the world that work with Pirelli, they are managed by 135 purchasing specialists and chosen on the basis of parameters indicated by Pirelli in the areas of safety, capacity for innovation, quality of materials, sustainability, level of risk, and efficiency of supply chain, with an analysis that does not only look at them directly, but also at the suppliers of the suppliers, through a self-appraisement by the contractor.

“The companies which won the award are those seen as being above the level of mere conformity, transforming themselves into true partners in quality and innovation,” said Luigi Staccoli, Pirelli’s Chief Purchasing Officer, “and so also achieving a competitive advantage on international markets”.


Company Country Activity Area
Asahi Corporation Japan synthetic rubber raw materials
Evonik Industries Germany silane and silica raw materials
JHSi China silane raw materials
Kiswire Korea beadwire raw materials
Synthos Poland synthetic rubber raw materials
Von Bundit Thailand synthetic rubber raw materials
SAE HWA Korea moulds, machinery components
SAP Germany IT solutions services
HH Global Italy printing services