Photos: Personal Search from Google


Photos: Personal Search from Google

“Photos are worth millions of words or should it be Photos are worth millions of searches”… Google+ Personal Search Launch with Photos Today January 11th 2012 Google Launched their latest Google Plus product “Search, plus Your World”. At first I were more interested in the Latest Google Doodle. I did not even see the text […]

Photos“Photos are worth millions of words or should it be Photos are worth millions of searches”…

Google+ Personal Search Launch with Photos

Today January 11th 2012 Google Launched their latest Google Plus product “Search, plus Your World”. At first I were more interested in the Latest Google Doodle. I did not even see the text line “

Introducing Search plus Your World

. Search the web, your photos, friends, posts, and more” which were written in small text just below the Google Doodle. This is possibly because of Advertising Blindness and over exposure to text advertising.

My post from earlier this morning are available at

Google+ Today became the most Important Social Media Network in the World


google personal search

You should read it to get some insight to my first feelings about this Game Changer. It is my opinion that the Google+ Personal Search Results with Photos have changed the way we Search Today, from today Facebook and Bing Google’s main competitors will have to deal with a new kind of Beast. If I were standing in their shoes I would have been rattled by this major improvement in Search.

 Photos in Search

Today, Google have managed to answer the age-old saying of “an Image or Photo is worth a thousand words” by adding photos to their personal search results, and not just any photos but Photos from people with whom you have a personal Relationship via your Social Media Channels.

Take note, Google Changed the Internet today, from today we will search like never before. Old Search meant you would go to the search engine and type what you are looking for, find it and go to the information your were searching for! Not very colorful and not much else to do. Untill Yesterday this seemed fine. Yet only after using the New Google Personal Search with Photos for a couple of hours I am totally addicted to it!

If you are an early adopter of technology you have likely jumped onto the Google+ Profile pages and have created a descent following via the Google+ Social Media network. If not you must get a Google+ Profile today!

Photographer Mike Shaw “Today Mike have more than 367 673 people following him.

Mike Shaw

is one of the best Photographers in my opinion and Google+ helped me to discover him as well as for him to be discovered! Mike Daily upload some of his best photos to his Google+ Profile page” – Read his Testimonial on Google+

Mike Shaw

and see how Google+ changed his world!

What does Google+ Personal Search mean for Users

I am going to explain this by example. I have mentioned that I follow Mike above, now for me when looking at Mike’s Photos I know that he is an Authority when it comes to Photos and Photography. Today I searched for Photos and I saw that Mike were listed in the Search Results. One of his posts also appeared within the Personal Search Results. From all of the posts on the page I became most interested in the Post from him.

Personal Search with Photos Changed the way I search!

Although it is only been in existence for a short time, I can already say that any other type of search would simply just be boring!

This is what happened when I searched for photos:

  • I saw the Picture of Mike Shaw in the Google Personal Search Results.
  • The Post that Mike have liked were not in the top 5 search results, but just below the fold of the page.
  • Internet Marketers consider everything above the fold as prime advertising property, Research have shown that people are more likely to click on the top results than on anything below the fold.
  • I ignored all the results above the fold and clicked on the post that Mike have +1.

Psychology, Photos and Google+ New Personal Search:

Now if you are into Internet Marketing you have to through out your books, and get some new one’s on how to measure the importance of “eye balls” on your page, where do people most likely click and the best converting advertising space within the Google Search Results. It is a well-known fact among internet marketers that people will always look at a face of a person.

subconsciously we want to see if we know the person in the photo, and this is just why Google+ Personal Search is so exciting and why it will become the most successful social media network and search engine integration ever.

Instead of seeing images of people who you do not recognize you will see people who you know via your Social Networks appearing in your search results. You know these people either personally or through their Social Media networks, when you see them you will recognize them in the Search Results and subconsciously you will favor those search results over any other search result!

How will Google+ Personal Search with Photos change the way we do Business:

I know Mike from Google+ and I know that he is one of the best Photographers from seeing his photos on Google+. One day I might decide to buy a Camera and never thought to ask Mike which type of Camera he would recommend. I search for Camera’s and see that there is search results which Mike have +1, commented on or have written himself.

Mike is a Photographer and not a Search Engine Optimization Guru and I would have never seen his recommendations if it weren’t integrated into the Google+ Personal Search with photos search results.

The way people buy will change with the New Google+ Personal Search

  • I know someone in my Google Circles which are an Authority in Photography.
  • I see this person’s posts within my google personal search results.
  • Google Personal Search Results can be as good as “Word of Mouth Recommendations”
  • I did not have to ask which products my friends like, I can see which products they like via the personal search.
  • I now purchase the product based on my friends recommendations.
  • If I am still unsure about the products, I can contact my friends directly within Google+ and find out more about the products directly from them!

Now this all may sound simple, but it is my personal believe that Google+ is one of the most amazing things to have happened to Search in a few years.

Videos for Personal Search with Photos:

Official video from Google Search, Plus Your World introducing the Google Personal Search with Photos

Here is a short video that I have created about the Google+ Personal Search with Photos. It is not the best video and I did not do a voice over. Google is still rolling-out the “Search, plus your world” feature, and many people said that they cannot see the Google Personal Search Results yet and created the video to provide a quick overview of what the Personal Search with Photos looks like!


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Published : Thursday January 12, 2012

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