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Google+ Profile and Pages brings fame to Photographer Mike Shaw

Have you ever heard of the Photographer Mike Shaw? Here is a short testimony that he recently published to his Google+ Profile. At the time of this article he were one of the most followed photographers on Google+ and also one of the TOP 200 most followed people in the world on Google+.

For years Mike struggled to get recondition for his work as a Photographer. All this changed when he started using Google+. People immediately recognized the quality of his work leading to thousands following him and viewing his work on a daily basis.

Mike Shaw

Here is his Testimony about Google+

“I have been what I call a “photographer” since the end of 2006 when I first picked up a cheap bridge camera to see if I could do it or not, I was hooked from the first click.

Like anyone else in the creative industry I sought exposure and recognition for what I did, at first I wondered why I didn’t get it but it took a while to realize that I was simply crap at it, sometimes I thought I should just put the camera away and move on but it was not so easy to do. Besides I had walked away from so many creative endeavors before it was about time I got on with something.

Fast forward some 5 years and a lot of hitting buttons I seem to be getting some of it right and getting some of the results I wanted when I looked at others works but I still struggled with exposure and recognition. To the point I let my web site go and only uploaded to a few sites, I received some good responses and just beavered on with the thought that well it keeps me happy and gives me something to do.

Then some three months or so I was given an invite to Google+ by my good friend +John De Bord. I came had a look about and saw the Light box for images and just loved it. So I thought it would not hurt to start to use the place.

Fast forward 3 months or so and I find myself with near 65,000 people following my work, I find myself in the top 200 on G+ and the level of interaction is phenomenal, each day I come on here it blows me away.

It has made me reassess what I do and just maybe I can do this, I have changed my status from Chemical operator to Freelance Photographer that works in the chemical industry, I am building a web site (bear with me, web technology baffles me most of the time) as I think I now need it, I have been published again and featured on several web sites that deal with photography and have a few more in the pipeline all because of this place and all of you.

I have no idea where this will all lead but I know for once in a long while I am enjoying the ride, thank you for making and old man happy ;)” – Mike Shaw

For more information on Photographer Mike Shaw you can visit his Google+ page at

+Mike Shaw


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