No additional expenses, No hidden costs,

The Peugeot Premium Plan offered on every new Peugeot vehicle carries enormous benefits for the customer:

  • Peugeot new car owners are able to plan their motoring budget accurately, with no additional expenses and hidden costs of service price increases to contend with during the maintenance plan period.
  • While further contributing to the ownership experience, the resale value will also be boosted as the vehicle is professionally maintained, using only Peugeot original parts.

Peugeot Maintenance Plan

According to the Oxford Illustrated, the term “service’ has eight meanings, one of which refers to it as to “do routine maintenance work…”

Which may explain some of the confusion which surrounds a ‘service plan’, and how it stacks up versus a ‘full maintenance plan’ as part of a package of value-adding benefits included in the price of a car.

Think of them as tiers on a wedding cake: in this case the one on the bottom only covers service items (in most cases the oil, filters, spark plugs and wiper blades) while the next tier takes care of the maintenance items such as the cambelt, clutch, brakes, among other items.

The Peugeot Premium Plan, a maintenance plan, which translates into a long-term ownership experience which will cost the buyer of any new Peugeot passenger absolutely nothing other than normal running costs.

Peugeot Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is a distance-based offering, which provides a full vehicle warranty against any latent defects for three years, along with roadside assistance for three years. In addition, it includes both a five-year service plan and a five-year maintenance plan which run concurrently. Depending on the vehicle, distance limitations also apply, with 60 000 km being the maximum figure for 107, 207 CC and 208, and 100 000 km the maximum distance covered for the other Peugeot models. Think of it as the third tier on the cake.

Like all contracts, there is ‘range’ and ‘scope’ to be considered, but with Peugeot’s Premium Plan all maintenance repairs as well as parts and labour are covered. It covers replacement of wear and tear items such as shock absorbers, exhaust systems, batteries, and brakes and clutches and it even extends to serviceable ‘comfort’ items such as air-conditioner top ups – something often excluded in the fine print of these contracts.

In the motor industry, the Latin term caveat emptor – let the buyer beware – is, sadly, the guiding principal. But not with the Peugeot Premium Plan, and with no additional expenses or hidden costs it is far easier to budget accurately, making it easier to save for that wedding, overseas trip or university education…

  • 107 5 Yrs / 60 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • 207 CC 5 Yrs / 60 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • 208 5 Yrs / 60 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • 308 5 Yrs /100 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • 3008 5 Yrs /100 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • 4008 5 Yrs /100 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • 5008 5 Yrs /100 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • 508 5 Yrs /100 000km PREMIUM PLAN.
  • RCZ 5 Yrs /100 000km PREMIUM PLAN

“The five-year full maintenance plan represents a solid commitment by Peugeot to the South African market and its customers, and will ensure that confidence in the brand continues to grow,” Harnie concluded.