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    Today if you visit the Google Homepage you might be forgiven if you think it is Easter.


    Although Google did not have an Easter Google Doodle this year, they are making up for it with the Peter Carl Faberge Easter Eggs on the FrontPage. These are the eggs that the Tsar of Russia ordered to be made by Peter Carl Faberge. Peter Carl Faberge was the pioneer of the Faberge eggs.

    These are not just ordinary eggs; these eggs are decorated by precious metals, precious gem stones, diamonds and gold. The eggs are also made in such a way that you can open it, usually inside these eggs there are a special surprise.

    The Tsar of Russia were one of Peter Carl Faberge best clients, he ordered several of these Jewelry decorated Easter eggs. He also started the tradition of the Tsar collecting these eggs. The Peter Carl Faberge business boomed until the Russian October Revolution whereby Peter Carl Faberge were forced into exile.

    Born on May 30, 1846 in St. Petersburg, Peter Carl Fabergé is most famous for his trademark Faberge eggs. Having honed his jewellery skills in Germany, France and England, he joined his father’s business in 1870.

    For more information about Peter Carl Faberge you can visit the Peter Carl Faberge page.

    Google Doodle: Peter Carl Faberge


    A set of six exquisite jewelled eggs adorn the Google home page in honour Peter Carl Fabergé. Wednesday is the 166th birth anniversary of the the legendary Russian jeweller.

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