Pedro Nel Gómez


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Pedro Nel Gomez

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About Pedro Nel Gómez

Pedro Nel Gómez was a Colombian engineer, architect, painter, and sculptor. He started the Colombian Muralist Movement with Santiago Martinez Delgado, strongly influenced by the Mexican movement. Pedro Nel Gómez was born on the 4th of July 1899 in Anori and died on the 6th of June 1984 in Medellin.

There is not much information available in English on the Wikipedia site about Pedro Nel Gómez and I thought that I would translate the Spanish Article about Pedro Nel Gómez to make it easier for you to find more information about Pedro Nel Gómez.

Pedro Nel Gómez Agudelo (Anorí , July 4, 1899 – Medellin , June 6, 1984 ) was an engineer , planner , philosopher , sculptor Colombia and one of the most important muralists American of the twentieth century , along with Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros .

Innovator of the plastic in Colombia, visionary artistic expression as a means of assessing the cultural identity of the Colombian nation. He said that art should serve the people of the future, so that for the future he painted what he saw of the past and present of his people. Created his work in a variety of artistic disciplines such as architecture, watercolor and painting, especially the mural, the maximum muralist who has had Colombia.

From his childhood and adolescence Pedro Nel Gómez was attracted to the art, so he began to paint at a young age. This strong interest in painting led him to ask his father to let him be an artist, but he insisted that the profession does not have income guarantee so try to persuade him to study engineering. Pedro Nel accepted exchange you can study arts at the same time at the Academy of Fine Arts and is and uses his knowledge of civil engineer in developing architectural proposals that could make an artistic intervention. During his stay in Italy between 1925-1930 learns the art of mural fresco then adapted to the tropical conditions in Colombia, being a pioneer of this technique.

His stay in Italy also allowed to participate in exhibitions of American artists, including his then friend and fellow Eladio Vélez . His artistic themes at that time reflected a classic accent highlights including Amazonomaquias, The Martyrdom of Saint Jeromino, Anatomy Lesson, Two friends, Il Ponte Vecchio, Miss Inoccenti, plus a number of issues relating to Greek mythology .

As an artist, was recognized master in the art world figures as Debora Arango , Jesusita Vallejo , Carlos Correa , among others. In addition to his career, it is also recognized by the controversy over his artistic career with the painter said Eladio Vélez , who from before and during their stay in Italy was his companion and friend, but after his return to Colombia irreconcilable enemies .