Paris, October 9 2008 – Renault and French electric utility EDF today signed a memorandum of understanding to create, starting with France, a large scale zero-emissions individual transport and travel system. The objective is to establish electric cars as a viable and attractive transport solution for consumers. The partnership was officially launched today by Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Renault and Nissan, and Pierre Gadonneix, Chairman and CEO of EDF.

The Renault Nissan Alliance aims to become the world’s leading manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles. France will be one of the first global markets to receive these all-electric models, along with Israel, Denmark, Portugal, the state of Tennessee (USA), and Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan), all of which have announced similar partnerships with the Renault Nissan Alliance.

EDF, owner of the world’s biggest fleet of electric vehicles, has considerable experience and expertise in electric power storage technologies and recharging infrastructures, and in operating fleets of rechargeable vehicles. EDF is committed to expanding the availability of clean mobility solutions.

Through the agreement signed today, the Renault Nissan Alliance and EDF aim to provide consumers access to zero emission mobility from 2011. In support of this objective, the Renault Nissan Alliance and EDF will jointly develop an innovative commercial project, open to other interested parties, leading to the set up of an Electric Mobility Operator in the longer term. The role of the Electric Mobility Operator will be to supply customers with the infrastructure to recharge an electric vehicle and to manage its range.

Between now and January 2010, the partners will study engineering requirements, national and European regulations and all necessary technical and financial procedures, including the identification of new partners, to ensure that the infrastructure is ready for a vehicle launch in 2011.

Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Renault and President and CEO of Nissan, said, “To reconcile the demand for individual mobility with the preservation of the environment and high cost of oil, the Renault Nissan Alliance is committed to the development of “zero-emission” vehicles. Thanks to our partnership with EDF, in 2011 we will be able to provide our customers in France with high-performance and affordable electric vehicles.

Pierre Gadonneix, Chairman and CEO of EDF, said, “This technological and industrial partnership paves the way for innovation that will promote the emergence of new-generation vehicles that are clean, competitive and ecologically virtuous. The aim is to reconcile the challenges of individual mobility and economic growth with efforts to combat global warming. This is the commitment made by EDF, which ranks among the energy companies with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe.”