Paris Motor Show RENAULT ZOE: purity, emotion and simplicity


ZOE celebrated its world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and is on public show in the metal for the first time in Paris. As spearhead of Renault’s Z.E. range, ZOE is a compact hatchback with pure, flowing lines and was designed from the ground up exclusively as an electric vehicle.

Paris Motor Show Renault ZOE

Like Twingo, Twizy and New Clio, ZOE wears the new Renault brand identity, with slim headlights and a wide black grille highlighting a prominent Renault logo in its centre. This logo is hinged to reveal an essential feature: the socket for the battery charger.

Electric Vehicle hallmarks: white, blue and plenty of light ZOE’s electric identity can be seen in the blue effect applied to the Renault logo, headlights, tail lights and tinted windows across the range. Pastel shades make up the palette of body colours and, unusually for a production car, the rear lights are transparent, etched with concentric blue rings; these rings only turn red under braking. Last but not least, ZOE signals its membership of the electric club with two bright ‘dimple’ lines illuminated by the LED daytime running lights.

ZOE and ZOE Preview

near-identical twin sisters Jean Sémériva, designer of the ZOE Preview show car, is also the man behind the design of the production version.

“The design of ZOE Preview,w hich was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, was an instant hit with customers and with our in-house teams. It was 90 percent true to the production car and gave a foretaste of the excellent welcome that ZOE would receive at the Geneva show. ”

Purity and emotion, the two keywords of ZOE’s styling ZOE’s lines, which appear stretch the whole length of its body, express a sense of purity.

“In its design, ZOE was treated as a whole, like a drop of water. ZOE is a car that can’t be pigeonholed; it has been designed for motion, as a stress-free means to move from A to B…”

Jean Sémériva, ZOE’s designer

Jean SemerivaWork on ZOE’s aerodynamics was particularly thorough and was taken to a more advanced level than with standard programme processes. ZOE spent no fewer than 135 hours in the wind tunnel to validate the solutions aimed at reducing its CdA (drag coefficient): The diffuser reduces turbulence at the rear.

The front air intake channels air underneath the body. The turbine-like design of the 16-inch Aerotronic wheels was developed to enhance aerodynamic performance. Streamlining is further improved by the tighter wheel arch clearances which also enhance ZOE’s dynamic look. ZOE’s agility, dynamism and friendly expression all play on the emotions. With its neat, sculpted forms, long wheelbase and high waistline, ZOE was honed for motion.

The Renault ZOE interior – pure Zen

Renault Zoe Interior

It’s here that the break with traditional car culture becomes clear.

“Electric cars will change people’s routines. With the electric car comes a new type of pride – that derived from consuming less. People are no longer stressed out and thirsting for performance; instead, they’re seeking calm. ” Dominique Marzolf, Interior Designer, ZOE

Dominique MarzolfThe central R-Link console appears to ‘float’ above the dashboard. This multimedia system has a large seven-inch touchscreen display and gives a friendly, high-tech feel to the interior.

“ We wanted to create an exquisite object, technical yet intuitive to use – just like a smartphone. ” In order to create a relaxing ambience, pale colours dominate. The lines are clear and simple and, in a reference to renewable energy, the central band across the dashboard is shaped like the blade of a wind turbine.

This white trim element introduces a new soft-touch material inspired by home furnishings. With a strip of blue-hued chrome running along its top edge, it contrasts with the beige grain of the upper dashboard.

The front seats and their integral head restraints are upholstered in a pale fabric (on the ZEN version) which is given a Teflon anti-stain treatment to make it easy to clean.

ZOE AND ZOE INTENS, two flagship models that embody purity and emotion With its pearlescent white paintwork, blue-tinted glazing and soft-hued interior (white, beige, blue and chrome), the ZEN version suggests purity. It qualifies for the ‘Take Care by Renault’ signature and, as such, is dedicated to the comfort and wellbeing of its occupants.

Renault Zoe

ZOE INTENS, on the other hand, delivers a more dynamic feel with an interior ambience that places the emphasis more on black and high-tech features. This version is equipped as standard with parking aids including a reversing camera.