Our Valentine’s Day Gift


    3D Car Shows gets Johannesburg Motor Show Valentine’s Day Gift


    Today the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day and here at 3D Car Shows, it were business as usual. Earlier today we wrote about the Google Valentine’s Day Google Doodle that allows you to send a Virtual Box of Chocolates to your Valentine, It is Cool but it is not the real thing. Nothing beats getting something REAL it shows the person or company have gone out of their way to make your day.

    At about 10am this morning I was pleasantly surprised when I heard a courier knocking at our door, I wasn’t really expecting anything. Usually the courier only comes once or twice in the beginning of the month.

    I was totally not expecting them to call on behalf of the Johannesburg Motor Show and SASS Show Services. At first I thought this is cool, the Johannesburg Motor Show is planning a Media Conference or maybe it has something to do with the Johannesburg Rand Show which SASS organize.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that SASS (South African Show Services) on behalf of the Johannesburg Motor Show couriers was here to deliver a Valentine’s Day gift!

    Thank You Meg Houghton and Pula Dippenaar and the Johannesburg Motor Show Team for the kind gesture it is much appreciated!

    Johannesburg Motor Show

    The Next Johannesburg Motor Show 2015

    The Next Johannesburg International motor show is only taking place in 2015. The show usually starts in the middle of October and run up to the end of the month. The Johannesburg Motor Show is the premiere Automotive Show and Expo in South Africa.