Oscar Pistorius I am the Bullet in the Chamber


    Today when I first heard about the Valentine’s Day Shooting at Oscar Pistorius home in Pretoria, South Africa. I visited the Oscar Pistorius official website to gather some information about the Olympics Athlete and multiple medal winner of the Paralympics. I noticed an advertisement by Nike on Oscar Pistorius homepage saying

    Oscar Pistorius

    “I am the Bullet in the Chamber” by Oscar Pistorius

    It is ironic that this advertisement have now been removed from the Oscar Pistorius site since the Valentine’s Day 2013 Shooting at the home of Oscar Pistorius and it had been obviously removed from the site as it can be seen for something that it is not!

    For me Oscar Pistorius have been a model human being and inspiration. He have overcome his disabilities and have showed what humans are capable off when they truly believe and commit to something. During the London 2012 Olympic games he made millions of South Africans and people with disabilities proud when he ran the 100 meters with athletes without any disabilities and qualified for the finals.

    Truly a Valentine’s Day Tragedy

    • Oscar Pistorius Girl Friend shot on the day of love –

      Valentine’s Day Shooting

    • It is “Oscars” month.
    • One of the most respected Paralympics athletes get’s charged with murder.

    Oscar Pistorius or Oscar Pretorius?

    Many people confuse Oscar Pretorius with Oscar Pistorius. Pretorius is a very common surname in South Africa, while Pistorius in not so common as Pretorius, Oscar surname is Pistorius and not Pretorius.

    What do you think should Nike have retracted their “I am the Bullet in the Chamber” advertisement from the Oscar Pistorius website or not?