OR Tambo International Airport – Dakar 2014 South Africa


Tomorrow the South African Dakar Rally Teams will come home from their Rally in South America. Dakar Rally fans, supporters can see the drivers at the OR Tambo International Airport as they arrive from South America and give them a warm welcome home.

OR Tambo International Airport

Toyota Imperial Dakar 2014 Rally Team – 20 January 2014

The Toyota Dakar 2014 Rally team will be arriving in South Africa at the OR Tambo International Airport at around 9:00 am on the 20th of January 2014. The Dakar 2014 South African Rally team will be handing out some signatures and the welcome party will be able to have a brief chat with former Dakar Rally Team members like Giniel de Villiers.

Dakar 2014

Giniel De Villiers completed the Dakar 2014 Rally in position 4, which is a remarkable and deserves a warm hearted welcome! To join the arrival and welcome party at the OR Tambo International airport you have to be there at around 9:00 am.

Toyota South Africa Dakar 2014 Press Conference

Members of the media are welcome to join the Dakar 2014 press conference at the Intercontinental Hotel at the OR Tambo International Airport. The press conference will start sharply at 9:30.

Broadlink Dakar 2014 Rally Team – 21 January 2014


The Broadlink Dakar 2014 Rally team will be landing at O.R. Tambo at 07:40 am on Tuesday the 21st Jan on flight SA0223 from Sao Paulo for anyone wanting to welcome Riaan van Niekerk home. Riaan van Niekerk managed to achieve a number 12 Overall position in the Dakar 2014.

Although Riaan van Niekerk did not win the Dakar 2014 Rally achieving an international position of 12 is a remarkable achievement on its own!

Ford Dakar 2014 Rally Team welcome home

We still need to confirm when the Ford Dakar 2014 South African Rally team will arrive home, and will provide updates when we receive them.