Opel Launches New Jubilee Models to Mark 150th Anniversary

  • Corsa, Meriva, Astra and Insignia with special premium features
  • Exclusive jubilee trim offers extra comfort l

Rüsselsheim. Next year Opel will celebrate a very special birthday: 150 years ago, in the year 1862, Adam Opel founded a company in the Hessian town of Rüsselsheim that would later become one of the largest European car manufacturers.

opel 150

This is a perfect opportunity to invite customers to take part in the celebrations. Several birthday editions with premium features are being launched to coincide with the celebrations. Opel has lined up the Corsa, Meriva, Astra and Insignia as its anniversary models, entitled “150 years Opel”.

The special editions vehicles are fitted with striking, special design and comfort features. They offer extra equipment with savings of up to 2,100 euro. Customers who want to make their cars even more exclusive can do so with the jubilee trim “150 years Opel”.

Great atmosphere: heated seat and steering wheel plus heat insulation glazing

The Corsa and Meriva jubilee editions come complete with 16 inch alloy wheels and tinted Solar Protect heat insulation glazing at the rear. In order to create the mood for the celebrations, the cars are also equipped with heated steering wheels with multi-functional keys, fog lamps and cruise control as well as an MP3-CD Radio, plus an on-board computer. In addition, the Corsa is fitted with a chrome exhaust pipe as a standard feature, regardless of the engine type. Availability in the other models depends on which engine is used. The “150 year Opel” Astra is making its birthday appearance with 17 inch alloy wheels. Apart from the fog lamps, it has exactly the same features as the Corsa and the Meriva.

The top model, the Insignia, is available with 18 inch alloy wheels. It comes complete with the following features:

  • Tinted Solar Protect heat insulation glazing at the rear
  • Heated leather steering wheel with multi-function keys
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Heating in the front seats
  • Fog lamps and a headlamp cleaning system
  • New Navi 900 Europa infotainment system

The advantage of the SD-card based Navi system: the cards can be individually tailored to customer needs. Users can chose between the fastest, shortest and most economical or most fuel efficient route. In addition, the Navi 900 contains a voice recognition and log book function, the latter lets the user separate personal from business trips.

All of the four jubilee editions are very distinctive because they carry a special “150 Adam Opel” emblem, have an aluminum car door step embossed with the word “OPEL” as well as the premium quality, black upholstery combination “150 years of Opel”. The upholstery is made from fabric and leather-like Morrocana material.

Parking assistant and panorama roof: jubilee trim for more comfort

The vehicles are being given an extra touch of luxury with the exclusive jubilee trim package “150 years of Opel”. In that sense, the Corsa and the Meriva are fitted with an adjustable panoramic roof or sunroof with separate air conditioning for both the driver and the front passenger. In the case of the Corsa, the customers can order a jubilee trim Plus package including a parking assistant and 17 inch alloy wheels. Astra owners have access to a special seating package. The Insignia jubilee trim package includes an electric sunroof and a glazed panoramic roof as well as separate air conditioning for the driver and the front passenger plus a seating and visual package. The jubilee trim packages start at 450 euro (recommended retail price in Germany including VAT). Depending on the model, they represent a cost saving of 876 euro.

Information concerning specifications and equipment applies to the models offered in Germany. There may be differences in other markets. All data on fuel consumption refers to combined fuel consumption of the base model in the European test cycle. Subject to alteration.