OnStar Recognized for Stellar Customer Service


ICCSO 2011 WinnerCalls Answered Every Two Seconds Get 2011 International Service Excellence award

DETROIT – OnStar is a recipient of the Customer Service Institute of America’s (CSIA) award for International Service Excellence in 2011.

To be considered for the award, OnStar officials provided a detailed description of the company’s customer service operations. Once OnStar was named a finalist, a judge from CSIA visited OnStar’s headquarters in Detroit and audited an OnStar Call Center in Warren, Mich. OnStar Call Centers receive more than 150,000 calls every day – nearly two calls per second.

“When researching and visiting OnStar, I knew their knowledge, ability to serve their customers and answer calls in only a matter of seconds was something I would witness first hand,” said Christine Churchill, CSIA executive director.

”What I did not expect is what impressed me the most: OnStar is always looking for ways to utilize their technology and networks for the greater good and, as a result, the team members at OnStar know they are part of something special and ensure that passion is passed along to all of their clients,” she said.

All lines of OnStar business, including Navigation, Sales, Billing and more, are currently at or above an 8.83 on the OnStar’s Customer Satisfaction Index, a customer-completed survey with a scale of 0-10.

“This award is a great tribute, not only to our 2,000-plus Advisors, who are the backbone of the OnStar service, but also to all the managers, trainers and executives that allow us to perform at an exceptional level of customer service,” said Joanne Finnorn, vice president, OnStar Subscriber Services.

The ability to provide quick, comforting and helpful emergency service is something for which customers constantly rely on OnStar. In fact, 99.9 percent of air bag and Automatic Crash Response Emergency calls are answered within one second. Advisors who handle these calls are all Emergency Medical Dispatch-certified, which allows them to use their training when providing emergency guidance to victims waiting for first responders to arrive on scene.

OnStar Emergency Advisor Heathere Irwin recently helped a frantic mother whose 3-month-old baby was having trouble breathing. Irwin provided CPR instructions over the phone to the mother, who relayed them to someone performing CPR on the infant outside the car. Shortly after, first responders arrived on scene and took the baby to the hospital.

“The young mom thanked me before she rushed off, and I wished her and her baby well,” said Irwin. “What I do is very fulfilling because when I go home, I know I’ve helped someone that day.”

OnStar is a finalist for the 2012 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in the category “Best Use of Technology in Customer Service.” The winners will be announced Feb. 27 in Las Vegas.

OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, is the global leading provider of connected safety, security and mobility solutions and advanced information technology. With more than 6 million subscribers in the U.S, Canada and China, OnStar is currently available on more than 45 MY 2012 GM models, as well as available for installation on most other vehicles already on the road with OnStar FMV.