Omniplus: top service from urban buses to touring coaches for Mercedes-Benz and Setra

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  • New: Bus depot management – servicing at the customer’s workshop
  • 24h Service module for service contracts
  • Genuine parts and genuine reconditioned parts directly from the manufacturer
  • BestAge Repair: keeping fit – for buses and running longer

The brand claim is “Always by your side“ and stands for the comprehensive services from Omniplus for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches: that is the special field of Omniplus, the Daimler Buses service brand. With more than 600 service outlets in Europe, Omniplus offers a uniquely extensive service network specifically for buses and coaches. Omniplus know-how also supports Daimler Buses in developing new services specifically for buses and coaches worldwide as part of its efforts to establish new markets. Omniplus’s actual business takes place in Europe, however. This is where it continuously keeps adding innovative service options.

Omniplus 24h Service on 365 days a year

Should a bus or coach break down, Omniplus’s 24h Service is available around the clock in conjunction with one of the service cards.With its high-quality service outlets and standardised repair processes, Omniplus ensures that a bus or coach is repaired promptly with high quality at fair terms.

The breakdown service responds as the situation requires: drivers notify Omniplus 24h Service by calling the international control centre in their national language. The control centre takes the details of the Omniplus ServiceCard and informs the nearest service outlet. A technician looks after the bus or coach promptly.

In Germany, Omniplus also offers service products tailored specifically to the requirements of long-distance buses. To this end, service outlets offering special services are located along the main routes and at the hubs of the German long-distance regular-service bus network.

Omniplus ServiceCard Basic and Premium: two-stage concept

The Omniplus ServiceCard Premium is available to Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus and coach customers free of charge, and is valid for a period of two years. Customers preferring to do without some of the services in this extensive package, e.g. the fuel service, toll, tunnel and ferry service, can opt for Omniplus ServiceCard Basic.

Valid for six years, the Omniplus ServiceCard Basic includes the Basic mobility package. Using this, Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus and coach customers are able to obtain certain services quickly, easily and without cash payment. The Omniplus ServiceCard Basic is available as a vehicle-specific or fleet card.

No unpleasant surprises for breakdown service and billing

Not only is prompt and professional assistance assured in the event of a breakdown, but international billing standards ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises. Fixed flat-rates per kilometre throughout Europe, billing of 250 km at most for travel to and from the location, a defined framework for labour and parts surcharges outside normal opening hours, payment of 50 percent of express shipping costs when obtaining parts via the Omniplus 24h Service – all of these give reassurance to vehicle operators and drivers in the event of a breakdown, even in the most remote regions of Europe.

In addition, the Omniplus ServiceCard Basic includes a payment guarantee tailored to the customer. This can be increased within minutes if needed. Even regular workshop maintenance can be handled with the Omniplus ServiceCard Basic.

New: bus depot management – servicing at the customer’s workshop

A new service available from Omniplus goes by the name of bus depot management. This involves authorised service outlets and thereby Omniplus rendering services directly at the customer’s workshop. The underlying fundamental truth is that nobody is in a better position to maintain and repair buses and coaches than the manufacturer itself.

As part of contractual arrangements, service technicians – depending on the contract design – perform regular maintenance work and repairs including all resprays and bodywork repairs directly on site at the customer’s workshop within the scope of the bus depot management model.

The bus depot management concept ensures optimal care and high vehicle availability. What’s more: from the vehicle to all services, the operator gets everything from a single source and is consequently able to reduce annual fleet expenses by up to ten percent.

A textbook example of bus depot management can be found in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands: the bus operator there won a tender for urban transport and ordered 138 Mercedes-Benz Citaro and Citaro G buses. Under a ten-year service contract, Omniplus will perform all maintenance work and repairs at the local workshop.

The Utrecht model serves as a role model. Work on implementing business models of this kind is under way in other markets.

Tailor-made service contracts: BasicPlus and Premium

Omniplus divides its service contracts for all vehicles with engines certified to Euro VI emissions standards into two packages. The BasicPlus package includes all necessary maintenance work as specified in the maintenance booklet plus selected wear-related repairs. The Premium package additionally includes all other repairs to the vehicle as a whole, with defined exclusions such as tyre replacement or physical damage.

The BasicPlus and Premium service contracts are also available for high-mileage long-distance touring coaches.

24h Service module for service contracts

Omniplus has added a 24h Service module to the Premium service contract. This covers a number of services in the event of a breakdown: towing, reimbursement of the costs for procuring replacement parts and of travel costs to and from the breakdown site with a technician (including labour). In short, customers now get maintenance, repair and emergency services as a complete package.

Service contracts for late-model used vehicles

Also new are service contracts offered for late-model used touring coaches from the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. They are based on the gold classification assigned by the BusStore pre-owned bus brand. This applies to buses and coaches made by Mercedes-Benz and Setra that are in good technical and cosmetic condition, are a maximum of three years old and have no more than 300,000 km on the odometer.

The Basic service contract covers maintenance only whereas BasicPlus with manufacturer-prescribed maintenance also includes the replacement of defined wear parts.

Genuine parts directly from the manufacturer

As the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches, Omniplus knows the individual parts of the overall product the best and knows how they fit together. Omniplus genuine parts are always production parts, which ensures tight tolerances, precise fits and material safety for the system that is the bus or coach. That is why Omniplus refers to OEM quality, meaning all parts that are tested by Product Development in close cooperation with our suppliers, e.g. for electromagnetic compatibility and optimal interplay.

Omniplus genuine remanufactured parts

Genuine remanufactured parts for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches are reconditioned elaborately and updated to reflect the state of the art. Consequently, they save the customers money without sacrificing quality. Because reconditioning is more than just a general overhaul.

Before disassembled old parts even make it through the reconditioning process, they are subject to numerous strict and time-consuming quality inspections. The requirements on the material of the old part are high and correspond to the quality standards applied to the series production of new parts. Old parts that no longer meet these requirements are recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

BestAge Repair: keeping fit for buses and coaches running longer

Buses and coaches that have been on the road for many years every now and then require repairs and touch-ups to maintain their value. This calls for classic services on special terms, which is where a new programme from Omniplus comes in: “BestAge Repair” services at a cost that reflects the bus’s current value.

BestAge Repair includes genuine parts for older model series, reconditioned parts as a cost-effective replacement for wear parts. Maintenance and retrofitting is another segment, along with the upgrading and care of older buses and coaches. This may involve updating the passenger compartment, for example, with new fabrics or fresh seat upholstery or upgrading the bodywork with Omniplus SmallRepair, the professional and inexpensive repair of minor or cosmetic damage.

Omniplus is responding to interest in value retention and reconditioning with fixed-price offers for wear-related repairs and an extended selection of genuine parts. In future, individual offers will be combined into attractive packages ranging from individual components to complete renovations of buses and coaches.

Omniplus training – the right training for every job

The Omniplus services are rounded out with continuing education for drivers, driver trainings and training courses for workshop staff. The courses offer a good balance between theory and practical applications and are taught by specialists and qualified trainers. The driver training courses include the ‘Expert Handling’ training course for professional vehicle use. During intensive process-oriented training at the company, drivers learn about the numerous technical systems of their bus and how to use them properly. They are then able to utilise the full efficiency and safety potential of modern buses and coaches.

Omniplus at the Busworld 2015 in Kortrijk

Omniplus forms the link between the product presentations of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands at the Busworld show. The service brand informs visitors to the trade show about its manifold services.

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