Olympic Charter Google Doodle looks Gay



Today February 7, 2014 when I opened my Google Browser I was pleased to see that Google have chosen to announce the start of the “Sochi Winter Olympics” on their homepage. Here in South Africa we do not really participate in any Winter Olympics sports mainly because of the weather in South Africa. I thought ok this is cool – “The Winter Olympics is starting today and Google announced it with a stunning looking Google Doodle in “Google Colors” with each of the main sports illustrated as part of the doodle.

Google Quoting the Olympic Charter

It was also nice to see that Google have quoted part of the Olympic Charter on their homepage, setting the theme for the Sochi Winter Olympic games.

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” –

Olympic Charter

Like always I read about the Google Doodles to learn more about the event, topic, person that Google features on their search engine homepages to broaden my general knowledge.

Google is Protesting Anti-Gay Rights

When I started reading about the “Olympic Charter” I read that Google is protesting Gay Rights in Russia and have just reminded the Russians about the “Olympic Charter” and what it stands for. This is quite a bold statement to make, and I thought “Yeah Right, as if Google is going to make such a Big Political Statement”, Google mostly remains neutral and are known as the “Do no Evil Search Engine”.

I then stared to wonder why the Media reporting on the Olympic Charter Google Doodle jumped the Gun here and why they would say “Google is Protesting Anti-Gay Rights, if the doodle looks very Olympic like and I don’t see any Gay’s in the doodle, and the colors in the Doodle is a rainbow similar to the Google Doodle colors”.

I am not Gay!

I am not Gay, and not very familiar with issues that Gay’s face, in fact I do not care what gay’s do or don’t do since I spend most of my energy on other things in life, and maybe this is why I did not know that there is a huge fight going on between Gay’s and the Russian Government about Gay Rights in Russia.

I also learned that the Russian Government have banned all Gay Rights protest during the Olympic Games, and that the Russian Gay movements wanted to use the opportunity with the whole world watching the Sochi Winter Olympic Games to protest Anti-Gay laws in Russia.

The Gay Flag in the Olympics Charter Google Doodle


If you look at the Google Doodle it looks quite innocent. The Google Doodle are divided into 12 blocks where the bottom 6 blocks spell the words Google and the top part of the Google Doodle showcase the different sports that are associated with the Sochi Winter Olympics.

It is only when you make the connection between the “Background Colors” of the Olympic Charter Google Doodle and the Gay Flag that you realize that Google have just made the biggest “Anti-Gay Rights protest” with their Google Doodle.

Google Protests Anti-Gay Laws in Russia


The world’s Gay athletes and Gay’s in Russia have just received one of the best presents from Google they could have wished for. While the Government in Russia wanted to keep the protest under control and as far hidden away from the media and people, Google have just cone and provided the Anti-Gay protestors with the Biggest Protest platform they could have wished for!

After today, everyone in the world, who uses Google will be aware of the Anti-Gay laws and issues in Russia!