Nurburgmotorsport today revealed more details of the preferred choice of endurance racing cars at the 2012 Autosport International (The Racing Car Show) in Birmingham, United Kingdom. After extensive research the Mazda RX8 powered by a Wankel engine is the preferred sports car for the 2012 endurance racing season at the new Nürburgring. 

    Nurburgmotorsport Reveals “Projekt Felix” is already 1st

    Ken Harris, founder and owner of Nurburgmotorsport said “The Mazda RX8 has a well proven successful track record of endurance racing throughout the world. It is after all a sports car, it was designed that way and the RX8 seems to meets our needs in terms of power, performance and balance. We believe our choice of this racing platform to be a 1st at the new Nürburgring. With sponsor / driver’s budgets all under financial pressure my company continues to demonstrate our commitment in delivering “more thrills and better value”. 


    Nurburgmotorsport plans to enter the RX8 race cars in the gruelling 4, 6 and 24 hour Endurance race series at the new Nürburgring in 2012 after successfully competing in the 2011 VLN endurance Series. 


    Promotional “VLN season highlights” film is now available on request. 


    Ken Harris continues “for the new 2012 race cars build we have code named it “Projekt Felix”. This is after Felix Wankel, the self taught German inventor. I also liked the giant grin on that other famous cartoon character “Felix the Cat” hopefully our lucky new mascot.” 


    Class classification confirmation has been received from the Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal (Association of NürburgringEndurance Cup Organisers – VLN) for theses highly innovative rear drive race cars and so preparations now are underway at the company’s headquarters in Quiddelbach, just 2 miles from the new Nürburgring. 


    Over 10 meetings during March-October 2012, with the 24 hour race held in May 2012 which normally includes over 50+ hours of live national TV coverage, a total approaching 20 million viewers with over 400,000 spectators visiting the events in person. 


    The VLN series and the 24 hour races takes place on the world-famous full 17 mile gruelling Nürburgring circuit, located in the beautiful Eifel region of Germany.

    As winning VLN Racing Team Manger Manfred Scheer, a former mechanic on the Toyota World Rally Team, who also grew up at “The Ring” and who has worked as a Marshal on the Nürburgring for over 10 years, says…….. “to be quick at the Nürburgring you need only three things, the correct tyres, good brakes and a perfect car setup to win– this is what we can deliver to our drivers and to the sponsors”.