North American International Auto Show: Lexus Confidence Will Be on Display


DETROIT, Mich., January 5, 2012 – In the past year, Lexus has shown glimpses of its bolder, more confident brand direction with new vehicles such as the CT 200h hybrid, LFA supercar and all-new GS sedan.

Lexus CT 200h

This year’s exhibit at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) will exude excitement as the display highlights Lexus’ latest product offerings, including a breath-taking concept vehicle that is already garnering significant media attention.

Utilizing 14,300 square feet of floor space, the exhibit is divided into distinctive zones, including performance, hybrid and luxury. Overhead sail-like canopies mark the threshold of the exhibit, ushering guests into the “GS Gallery.” The all-new GS has become synonymous with the brand’s redefined image and new evocative styling.

“The 2013 GS has become symbolic of Lexus’ dynamic future,” said Paul Rohovsky, National Manager – Lexus Engagement Marketing. “The GS 350, along with its hybrid variant, the GS 450h, and optional F Sport package, play a vital role in conveying the boldness that customers can expect to see from Lexus moving forward.”

Further proof of the brand’s evolving design direction will be found in the LF-LC sport coupe, a concept vehicle making its worldwide debut on Jan. 9 at NAIAS. Crafted by Toyota’s Calty design studio in Newport Beach, Calif., the LF-LC’s clean lines emphasize motion, creating a distinctive look for this futuristic vehicle. Within the exhibit, a special pavilion, featuring an immersive theatre experience, has been created specifically for the LF-LC.

Lexus’ 552-horsepower LFA will be located at the heart of the exhibit, spearheading the performance zone. The LFA is a platform that demonstrates Lexus innovation and use of advanced materials and processes that are challenging conventional thinking in every detail of automotive design and production.

Another vehicle making its worldwide debut in Detroit is the updated 2013 Lexus LX full-size sport utility vehicle, due out later this year. The LX has earned the distinction of being amongst the best vehicles in its class since its introduction more than 15 years ago. This venerable vehicle will be flanked by other popular SUVs in the Lexus lineup, the RX and GX.

Interactivity was instrumental in the creation of this year’s exhibit as evidenced by an area dubbed “Engineering Amazing.” This gallery has several interactive displays that illustrate Lexus’ endless pursuit of perfection though engineering expertise and craftsmanship.

The Lexus exhibit was designed and constructed by George P. Johnson of Auburn Hills, Mich.

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