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    Norman Frederick Hetherington’s 93rd Birthday

    norman hetherington

    Australia 29 May 2014 – On  the 29th of May 2014 Google Australia featured the Norman Hetherington Google Doodle. Norman Hetherington was a famous Australian born Artist, Cartoonist, Teacher, Puppet designer and Puppeteer. Ask any Australian who “Mr Squiggle” is and you will find out just how well-known “Mr Squiggle” and Norman Hetherington was and the impact his puppets had on Australians.

    Norman Hetherington was born on the 29th of May 1921 in Lilyfield, New South Wales, Australia and he died on the 6th of December 2010 at the age of 89 in Greenwich, New South Wales, Australia. He is mostly remember for “Mr Squiggle” the long-running Australian children’s television show Mr. Squiggle, and as the sole operator and voice of its star performer, the Mr. Squiggle marionette.

    Interestingly Norman Hetherington formed part of the First Australian Army Entertainment Unit during World War II. Boosting Australian Troops morals during the war. One of his best acts included visiting some of the troops before the show, and making sketches of them, personalizing his show to the specific troops, making his shows even more personal and entertaining.

    Norman Hetherington attended classes at the National Art School and once the war was over, he continued his studies  attending four after hours classes during the week. At 15 years he sold his first cartoon to “The Bulleting Magazine” and become a regular contributor to the magazine. He used the pet name  “Heth” to sign his cartoons adding the last two digits of the year to “Heth” to mark the year in which he did the cartoon.

    Norman Hetherington interest in Puppets started in 1935 when his father bought him the “Popular Science Monthly” USA magazine edition. This particular issue contained instructions on how to create a puppet and sparked Norman Hetherington interest in the art.

    There is no denying that Norman Hetherington made a huge impact on kids in Australia, and his puppets, cartoons and teachings had a great impact on Australian Kids, and many will think of him fondly today!

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