Norad Santa Tracker Important Update


    After having much fun last night with the Norad Santa Tracker and the Google Maps Santa Tracker it all has now come to an end untill next Christmas 2012.

    Norad Santa Tracker

    The Norad Santa Tracker were used by Millions of people last night to find out where Santa is. Google the Giant Search Engine have answered one of the most difficult questions this year by beeing able to answer the question “where is Santa?” and “When is Santa coming?”

    Where is Santa?

    I remember as a kid that it is a question that I have maybe asked my parents a thousand times when I were a kid and needed to wait for santa to come and visit our house so that I can start opening my Christmas Gifts. I am sure that I were not the only one that have asked this question.

    Past years parents may have had it more difficult to explain it to their kids. Google Maps and Norad Santa Tracker have made it much easier for parents to answer this question. Parents could log into the “Norad Santa Tracker” site and then show their kids exactly where Santa is and the route that Santa needs to take before Santa can make his way to their house.

    Norad Santa Tracker Christmas Games

    Besides the interactive Santa tracker that were available in a Google Map system on the Norad Santa Tracker site. The Norad Santa Tracker also offered Children Christmas games that they could play while waiting for Santa to come. The Norad Santa Tracker were not just a game but the ideal opportunity for people to use, to understand how timelines work, and when midnight occurs in which country.

    All in all – For me the Santa Tracker is a brilliant concept, I hope that there will be something similar this year to track New Year as it happens all over the globe!

    May you have a blessed Holiday Season this year!

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