Norad Santa Tracker and Google answer the where is Santa right now question


    For the past 50 years “Norad Santa Tracker” has been tracking the movements of Santa during Christmas Eve. Each year Santa makes his trip from the North Pole to the rest in the world within 24 hours to find deliver Christmas Gifts around the world.

    Many people do not believe in Santa, but if you look at the amount of people that have used the “Norad Santa Tracker” and “Google Maps Santa Tracker” applications this year it is a fact that Santa is still real and alive in the Hearts of many people.

    Norad is part of the North American – United States of America and Canada Government Organizations that are responsible for Canadian and American Aerospace Monitoring. Norad Santa Tracker has state of the art aerospace monitoring equipment enabling them to monitor almost any aerospace in the world for irregular activity. A flying Santa is for sure something not normal, as Santa is possibly the fastest moving thing on the whole planet.

    According to legend, Santa delivers Christmas Gifts to children who have been good each year. In the end it means that Santa not only have to move at a pace faster than light to visit each country in the world over a 24 hour period but he also need to go down billions of chimney’s to get into all the houses to make his deliveries on time.

    The Norad Santa Tracker System and the Google Maps system made it a pleasure this year to answer the famous old question “Where is Santa Now?” They have created a complete interactive system that monitors how Santa is moving around the Globe on Christmas Eve. The data are then captured into a database and this year were plotted onto a Google Map for internet users to easily follow where Santa are.

    Not only did Google have the answer to the question where is Santa right now, but it also empowered millions of parents with the answer to where is Santa, and when is Santa going to come and bring the Christmas Gifts. If you have children and they ask you when is Santa going to come now. Parents could go to the Norad Santa Tracker system and visually show their children exactly where Santa were at that specific moment, providing them with the comfort of knowing that Santa is still on his way!

    Where is Santa Right Now?

    Today the answer to the question of where Santa is, is extremely easy to answer. For the whole year Santa will be at his house in the North Pole. He and his elves are busy preparing Gifts for Christmas 2012. To answer the Question on Christmas Eve is however a very complicated thing to answer. The way that Norad Santa Tracker and Google Maps used to provide an answer to the “Where is Santa Right Now” question during this Christmas Eve period were just very impressive.

    How can you Track Santa without the advanced Technologies that NORAD SANTA Tracker and Google Maps use?

    Although it might not be as accurate as the Norad Santa Tracker Software one can create your own Santa Tracker system by looking at the different time lines of the world time systems. You could theoretically open your computer watch on your system and look at the different time zones. Santa usually arrives at midnight. So if you see it is midnight somewhere in the world you will know that Santa is now in that area of the world.

    We here at 3D Car Shows hope you had fun using the Norad Santa Tracker this Christmas Eve. Unfortunately the Santa Tracker will only be working next Christmas again, and you will have to wait another year before you can have fun with the Santa Tracker and Track Santa as he is moving quicker that the speed of light to make all his Christmas Gift Deliveries!