Norad Santa Track System Now Live find out Where is Santa


Where is SantaThe Norad Tracking Santa System is now live. For more than 50 years Norad have tracked the whereabouts of Santa Clause. This year the Norad Where is Santa system is using Google Maps to show people around the world where Santa is. They system have gone live minutes ago, and already we can see Santa arriving in Australia and New Zealand.

As the day progress you can follow Santa on the Norad System and find out exactly where Santa is. The Norad system is one of the most powerful air traffic systems in the world. It is a Government and Military Initiative between the USA and Canada to monitor air traffic.

We all know that Santa likes to fly, he and his reindeer are believed to visit the houses of Good boys and Girls each year to deliver Christmas presents to them. This year we can track the Santa Clause using the Norad system and Google Maps.

If you want to find out where Santa is: Check out the Norad Santa tracking system and Google Maps!

Later today we will see Santa arriving in India, Malysia, Spain, Greece, Rome, Germany, France, Italia, United Kingdom, Holland and all the other countries in Europe.  He will also visit South Africa and later move to the USA and Canada.

Make sure to track where Santa is using the

Norad Santa Tracking

system and Google Maps.


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