No mail delivery on Sunday Christmas day and the day after


    With Christmas still going strong in many countries people are starting to wonder if there will be any mail deliveries the day after Christmas. This year Christmas falls on a Sunday and usually the day after Christmas Post offices are closed.

    This year it seems like you are going to have to wait until the 27th of December to get your post from the Post Office.

    In some countries the Post Offices may open on Monday the 26th of December. Here at 3D Car Shows we are still eagerly awaiting some gifts that should have already been here, but we haven’t received it yet and it is going to be very difficult to wait for the Post Offices to open a day later.

    For more information on if your Post Office are going to be open on the 27th of December we recommend that you go to the Official Post Office website for your Country of Residence.

    No Mail on Boxing DaySome Post Offices have already indicated the they will not deliver any mail on Boxing day, however you may still want to call the Post Office to make sure that they are closed.

    Some Post Offices have indicated that they will not be open on the day after Christmas, and other that they will be open but only for a short period.

    Again we advise you to contact your Post Office directly or to visit the official Post Office website for more information about if your Post Office are going to be open on Boxing Day or not!

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