No Legal Super Bowl 2012 Internet Viewing for Americans Abroad


Super Bowl 2012 Watch LiveIn many countries across the world American Football fans that wanted to use the internet to legally watch the Super Bowl 2012 game online will find out that they cannot legally watch the Super Bowl 2012 action.

This is not only affecting Americans on holiday in foreign countries but also American living abroad.

This whole week we were looking forward to the NBC broadcasting the Super Bowl 2012 for the first time over the internet. We did not see any notice on the NBC website stating that only Americans living inside certain countries will be able to watch the Super Bowl 2012 legally in the USA and that it will not be available via the internet to Americans travelling or living abroad.

If you are into American Football you can imagine the “Pain and Frustration” to find out at the last moment that the NBC have implemented some sort of IP Blocking system that only allow people within the USA and perhaps in a few other countries to watch the Super Bowl 2012 Legally via the NBC website. We could not find any paid option available on the NBC site to watch the Super Bowl 2012 legally in a foreign country via their website. It is just this simple if you are an American and you are in a foreign country and you want to watch the Super Bowl 2012 you cannot do so if your IP is on their block list.

This makes me question several things. If you are an American should you not have the same freedoms in other countries as what you have in America? Is it not inhuman and unfair to be blocked from watching such an important event like the Super Bowl 2012 live over the internet just because you are in a foreign country. The policy or system blocking you from watching the Super Bowl 2012 live over the internet is not controlled by a foreign Government or foreign policy but implemented by an American Company taking away American Freedom in Foreign countries!

NBC Blocks Legal Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream in some Foreign Countries

Tonight I am extremely disappointed in the decision made by the NBC to block “Free Live streaming of the Super Bowl in foreign countries”, and would like to know why weren’t it prominently advertised that the Live Stream is only available in certain countries? Is the internet not an international medium?

If you are in the US watch the Super Bowl 2012 live on NBC

If you are in the USA or in a country where the NBC is not blocking their live streaming of the Super Bowl 2012, you can go to the NBC website to watch the live stream of the

Super Bowl 2012

game. You can also visit the

YouTube Adblitz

 site for more information about the Super Bowl 2012 game and also check out the

Google Game Day

pages, for more quality information about the 2012 Super Bowl.

You can read more about the Super Bowl 2012 on our

Super Bowl 2012


Photo: Screenshot of the NBC website where you can watch the Super Bowl 2012 game live!

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