No Joke – Blonde Fix WII Sensor with Candles


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    Today we wanted to play some WII games and found out that the Cat have destroyed the WII Sensor Cable. The cat has basically bitten off the wires of the WII Sensor. I tried to fix it but could not get the wires to connect properly.

    I assume that the wires in the WII Sensor is made of fiber optics or something because when I wired it back together it were still not working.


    Then Jolandi said that she have heard than one can fix the WII Sensor with Candles. My first thought was, ok so you take a candle and you melt the wires together or something.

    I never thought that the way to fix your WII Sensor temporarily would be to actually take two candles and put them next to each other and light up the two candles and the WII would work.

    WII Sensor Fix

    How to Fix your WII Sensor

    Here is the fix. Take two Candles, but them next to each other in front of your TV. Light the candles and your WII Remote would now work! – It is that simple!

    I thought that the sensor is some high-tech device that somehow tracks everything in the room, with some sort of built in camera system. It turned out that the WII Sensor is only lights that create heat that allows the “High Tech Remote” to work.

    So if you WII Sensor is broken and you need a quick fix try the WII Candle trick!

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