Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case – Questions and Answers


Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case

Will any scratch heal?

No, the product will be marked permanently if the depth of the scratch cuts though the clear coat top layer. For example a deep scratch from a key will represent a significant risk to permanent scratching.

However, in normal everyday use we expect the product to perform significantly better than a conventionally painted case, keeping the case looking new for longer.

How thick is the top clear coat layer?

We do not wish to disclose specific technical details of the paint application process at this time, as the product is still under Beta testing. We are working with the recipients who are currently using the cases to provide feedback on the performance in daily use, which we will use to inform any adjustments to the application process and develop the products performance.

How did you come up with the idea of using Scratch Shield on a case?

The case is just one of many ideas we have considered using the technology for and we are actively considering other applications utilising both the healing properties and its unique, tactile, feel.

What’s the advantage of the close fitting case?

Phone manufactures spend significant resources developing the shape of their products, and reducing the size and weight of devices, so a case that is as thin as possible and keeps as close as possible to the original dimensions of the phone is clearly an advantage. It’s amazing how cases varying in thickness by fractions of millimetres can have very different perceptions in terms of how the phone looks, or how it feels in your hand.

When will the case be on sale?

We currently only have the prototype version of the case, which we are using for Beta testing in order to fine-tune the product and assess customer demand.

If the Scratch Shield iPhone case receives the positive feedback that we envisage, we hope to make it available to buy in 2012.

How much will the case cost?

The final price hasn’t been determined yet, but pricing will be consistent with other high quality iPhone cases on the market, reflecting the product’s premium materials and high manufacturing standards.

Scratch Shield Paint

How does Scratch Shield Paint work?

Scratch Shield paint works in two ways to help reduce scratching:

  • It is more scratch-resistant compared with conventional clear coat paints
  • It is able to repair fine scratches in its surface

The paint is made from polyrotaxane, and is highly elastic, which means that when damage occurs to the coating in the form of a fine scratch, over time the chemical structure is able to react to change the resin back to its original form, thereby ‘healing’ itself and restoring the appearance of the paint to its original condition.

There are other automotive coatings on the market that have similar properties to the Nissan Scratch Shield Paint. What makes yours unique?

The application technique and formulation of our product enhances the healing properties of our product, allowing it to perform better than competitor products.

How long does the healing process take?

This depends on the depth of the scratch and the environment the case is in.

Nissan and Innovation

Why does Nissan want to expand the use of its technology with licensing deals?

Through many years of industrial and commercial activity Nissan has amassed a significant wealth of intellectual property, and from April 2009 we established our business development unit to exploit the value of these assets.

Are you currently planning on using the Scratch Shield paint technology in any other way?

We are always looking at ways we can apply our automotive innovations to improve everyday situations, and we’ve been licensing our unique technologies for other non-automotive applications since 2004.

In Japan, we’ve already linked up with world-leading mobile operator NTT DoCoMo to allow them to use the Scratch Shield technology on its Style Series N-03B mobile phones, and we’re currently testing the technology on speakers too.

Ministry of Sound

Why are you launching the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case at the Nissan Ministry of Speed event?

We are launching the case at this time to celebrate both the innovative Nissan GT-Academy finale where we will have a car entirely driven by drivers found through the academy, and to mark the first time we are showcasing the Nissan Juke R in the public domain.

Are you planning any further link-ups with Ministry of Sound?

We’ve worked with Ministry of Sound’s Head Kandi brand in the past, and are happy to work with them again in Dubai. Ministry of Sound is a brand with an impressive 20 years standing in the music industry, and as an innovator in music, there are definite synergies between the two brands.